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Matt Crandell takes a photo with a trophy. 

From MBA Intern to Financial Analyst

Matt Crandell ’17 MBA knew he wanted to advance his career in the finance industry. But with so many graduate school options, the biggest question was: when and where?

After a few years of working at Fiat Chrysler, Crandell realized that he’d need an MBA to progress within a company and/or make a career change. He and his wife agreed that now was best for him to get his MBA.

Crandell and his wife were living north of Detroit at the time. As Minnesota natives, their long-term plans included returning to the Twin Cities. Crandell was interested in only Full-time MBA programs. He was transitioning to a new industry and needed the extra time for networking. He narrowed his choices down to four schools in the Midwest.

After meeting with all schools, he realized that St. Thomas was the best fit for him to move into financial investment. The people, classes and the depth of networking in the Twin Cities all helped with his decision.

“The staff and professors at St. Thomas are all experienced and willing to help students succeed,” he said. “Having my professors personally help in my job search speaks a lot to their investment in us.”

While at St. Thomas, he learned the ins-and-outs of every area of business, top to bottom. “You get the necessary knowledge to be a leader in different areas of the organization. That helps earn the confidence of employers,” he said.

Between his two semesters, Crandell interned at Riverbridge Partners in downtown Minneapolis. He now works there full-time as a financial analyst. “It’s a reputable investment firm that — without St. Thomas — would have been very difficult to get into.”

An MBA takes time and energy. “Find a program that fits with your goals,” he advised. Is your goal to develop business knowledge or be a catalyst for change into a new company/industry? Focus on your “why”.

“No MBA program is easy or full of roses,” Crandell added. “Even with my great school connections, I did a lot of legwork with networking and class schedules. But the payoff is so worth it. I love my job.”