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Jen Rosetta portrait

Flight Nurse Soars In Her Career

Jen Rosetta ’17 is known for being someone who is always seeking more and to do better for all. As a mother, a RN and a member of the United States military, she’s continuously reaching for what might scare most.

At the age of 40, when most women are settled into their daily life and routines, Rosetta decided to join the military as a flight nurse. Ready to leave her family at a moment’s notice, she keeps a bag packed at all times if she’s called into duty.

As a part of the military, she understands -- and is ready to -- sacrifice at a moment’s notice. She’s a commissioned flight nurse with the Minnesota Air National Guard/US Air Force and was nominated as a Top 20 Courageous Women in Minnesota Health Care.

A Hospice Clinical Manager at Allina Health, Rosetta earned her Health Care MBA from St. Thomas. She’s passionate about improving the lives of others while striving to be a significant part of life’s bigger picture. 

“The MBA fit so well with my family. To be on campus for three days at the start of every group of classes plus the online portion was huge for me,” she said.

Rosetta was often told by her classmates and faculty that she brings a “can-do” leadership attitude to difficult and complex situations. She wants to teach her sons what a strong woman looks like and that following your heart sometimes requires sacrifice.

“Through all my experiences I’ve learned to never let fear stop me from doing something, for it’s in those moments of fear that you learn the most.”