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Part-time MBA graduate Lee Winbush stands in front of a sign at 3M.

Driving Meaningful Change at 3M

Lee Winbush ‘17 MBA was busy working at Target Corporation when he enrolled in the Part-time Flex MBA program at St. Thomas. For the first two years of the program, he walked to school after work. “Being in downtown Minneapolis was so convenient,” he laughed.

Winbush had worked his way up in the IT field before deciding on graduate school. After nine years in his career, a close mentor advised him to pursue a MBA to grow his technical knowledge.

When researching business schools, he looked closely at AACSB accreditation. He also found the caliber of faculty supported what he heard from St. Thomas alumni. Engaged faculty provide real-world learning through group projects, case studies, simulations, guest speakers and practical exercises.

In his Executive Perspectives class, Ertugrul Tuczu helps students understand their innate leadership strengthsThey write an “intense, personal 15-page document” about living an integrated life. Winbush later used his paper as a guide to approaching his career from a new angle.

“Before I was always trying to move up the career ladder,” he said. “Now I consciously reflect on my work as a two-part mission: building high-performing teams and leveraging technology to move business forward.”

While getting his degree, Winbush became a team lead at 3M, a diversified technology company. A Management class coincided perfectly with his new leadership position. “The timing was perfect,” he said. “I took nuggets out of that class and plugged it right into my supervisor role.”

Winbush feels confident in his new skill set to drive change within his organization. “I now know myself better to work outside my comfort zone. My MBA has provided valuable skills that inspires me to help others succeed.”