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Top 3 Tips to Surviving Your MBA

Thinking about an MBA at St. Thomas? We’ve got you covered! Our Full-time MBA program is developed in partnership with employers so you’ll learn and work on real-world projects with actual clients. St. Thomas alumni share their top three tips to suriving your MBA.

"Lean on your cohort for support."

A student cohort keeps you accountable and acts as a sounding board for ideas. Keep your eye on the end game and what you’re really seeking to achieve. Lean on your fellow classmates – that’s the beauty of the cohort model. Class sizes are small and the support is huge.

Recognize that the first year is going to be an intense learning experience. There’s a number of really important skill-sets you’ll learn in the first year: from working on or leading a team to successfully managing a project.

The advanced business research projects are one of the signature MBA programs at St. Thomas. Student teams are matched with a local client and act as project managers of a large scale project with real deliverables and deadlines. Be curious and open to learning.

"Recognize your value within the cohort"

Fellow classmates come from variety of backgrounds, from marketing to logistics to finance. You'll learn to leverage your strengths within the group and learn from each other.

Brian Slatterly '10 came from a non-business background but brought in work experience from the softer sciences of team management: “It was encouraging to be able to recognize and use my value from day one.”

Utilize the Tommie network, events and internships

The graduate alumni network is huge and a powerful reason why people choose St. Thomas. St. Thomas alumni work at all 18 Fortune 500 companies based in Minnesota. Ongoing networking events with local Fortune 500 organizations provide opportunities to meet alumni employed by those companies.

“For me, the most important part was not just networking with current students, but also alumni.” Jennie Smith MBA ‘16.

Take advantage of the MBA internship program. Via professional networks, faculty and staff regularly connect students to local companies in their area of interest. Jessica Tjornehoj ’15 JD/MBA got her Medtronic externship through networking support from St. Thomas: 

“Take advantage of the internships and externships. Ask for what you want and put it out there… it’s amazing how things work out when you let people help you.”