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Personalize Your Degree

Online MBA Electives

It's All About Flexibility and Choice

The MBA program is 45 credits, and you’ll earn 22.5 of those in elective courses. This gives you the freedom to tailor your degree to suit your career interests and goals.

You can complete your MBA completely online with elective courses from a range of our most popular electives, or you can also take more specialized courses on campus, blended, or abroad. 

Customize Your Degree   
The Online MBA curriculum is 50% electives.


Managerial Accounting (ACCT 625^) 
Intermediate Accounting I (ACCT 701*) 
Intermediate Accounting II (ACCT 702*) 
Financial Statement Analysis (ACCT 705) 
Business Taxation (ACCT 710*) 
Auditing (ACCT 717*) 
Cost Accounting (ACCT 720^) 
Advanced Accounting (ACCT 730^) 
*courses recommended by accounting faculty for those pursuing a CPA license, after ACCT 601 core course 
^courses also strongly recommended to be best prepared for success on the CPA exam 

To be eligible to sit for the CPA exam, Minnesota state law requires you to have at least 15 credits of graduate-level accounting coursework and hold a graduate degree. 

You can learn more about the requirements to become a CPA through the Minnesota Board of Accountancy website

Applied Advanced Business Statistics (OPMT 605)
Spreadsheet Analysis & Data Visualization (OPMT 621)
Foundations of Software Development - Python (SEIS 603)
Database Management Systems & Design (SEIS 630)
Data Analytics & Visualization (SEIS 632)
Healthcare Analytics (SEIS 735)

Managerial Writing & Presentations (BCOM 536)
Creative Process (BCOM 620)
Persuasion (BCOM 635)
Organizational Communications (BCOM 641)
Reputation & Stakeholder Management (BCOM 661)

The Global Economy (GBEC 610)

New Venture Finance (ENTR 702)
Innovation & Corporate Entrepreneurship (ENTR 707)
Social Entrepreneurship (ENTR 708)

Corporate Finance (FINC 701)
Investments (FINC 713)
Commodity Markets (FINC 723)
Investment Fund Mgmt: Aristotle (FINC 717)
Mergers & Acquisitions (FINC 718)
Investment Banking (FINC 720)
Global Finance Issues & Policy (FINC 755)
Real Estate Fundamentals & Practices (REAL 625)

These elective courses fulfill the global component requirement of your MBA.

Legal Strategy for Global Business (BLAW 610)
Global Finance Issues & Policy (FINC 755)
The Global Economy (GBEC 610)
Inclusive Leadership for Diverse Organizations (MGMT 804)
International Business (MGMT 805)
International Marketing (MKTG 790)

Short-term Study Abroad Courses

We typically offer 2 - 3 study abroad options each year. Offerings vary as new programs are developed. Course examples:

China: Global Financial Services (FINC 752)
Scandinavia: Global Risk Leadership (MGMT 753)
Latin America: Emerging Markets (MGMT/MKTG 714)
India: Marketing in a Mega Market (MKTG 714)
Social Entrepreneurship in India (ENTR 714)
Southeast Asia: Global Sourcing (OPMT 714)
Prague and Budapest: Business in Eastern Europe (MGMT 714)


Effective Team Management (MGMT 607)
Finding the Right Talent (MGMT 608)
Developing Talent (MGMT 609)
Consulting and Partnering (MGMT 616)
Project Management (MGMT 623)
Overview of Health Care Systems (MGMT 630)
Collaborative Strategies (MGMT 635)
Introduction to Growth Strategies (MGMT 645)
Leading Organizational Change (MGMT 702)
Organization Development (MGMT 704)
Storytelling (MGMT 708)
Strategic Sustainability (MGMT 755)
Managerial Interpersonal Skills (MGMT 714)
Risk Management (MGMT 751)
Inclusive Leadership in Diverse Organizations (MGMT 804)
International Business (MGMT 805)
Executive Perspectives (MGMT 806)
Negotiation Skills (MGMT 808)
Compliance Programming (BETH 650)
Great Books Seminar (BETH 706)

Advertising Strategy & Management (MKTG 671)
Consumer Behavior (MKTG 710)
Pricing Strategy (MKTG 714)
Marketing Analytics (MKTG 729)
Digital Marketing Analytics (MKTG 778)
Brand Management (MKTG 725)
Digital Marketing Fundamentals (MKTG 774)
Digital Marketing Experience (MKTG 776)
Integrated Marketing Communication (MKTG 780)
International Marketing (MKTG 790)

Applied Advanced Business Statistics (OPMT 605)
Spreadsheet Analysis & Data Visualization (OPMT 621)
Supply Chain Management (OPMT 710)
Emerging Technologies for Improved Decision Making (OPMT 714)
Data Analytics & Visualization (SEIS 632)
Strategic Quality Management (ETLS 551)
Supply Chain Synchronization (ETLS 552)
Lean Six Sigma (ETLS 640)

Information Technology (Graduate Programs in Software)
Manufacturing and Technology Management (School of Engineering)

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Global Experience

St. Thomas MBA programs have a global elective curricular requirement. You can fulfill this with an online or on-campus course that has a global component, or with a short-term study abroad program. Two to three times per year, we offer study abroad trips lasting 7 to 12 days. During your trip, you will:

  • Visit multinational and local companies
  • Observe successful companies operating in a different business framework
  • Take an in-depth look at location-specific business topics
  • See historic sites and engage in a variety of cultural activities.
Past study abroad programs include: 
  • China: Global Financial Services (FINC 752)
  • Scandinavia: Global Risk Leadership (MGMT 753)
  • India: Marketing in a Mega Market (MKTG 714)

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Personalize Your MBA with a Graduate Certificate

Similar to a minor or a concentration, your graduate certificate can be completed with just 4 – 6 courses. Take a deep dive into a professional interest and develop highly specialized credentials.

Graduate Certificates available:

  • Business Analytics
  • Digital Experience
  • Global Business
  • Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Strategic Growth
  • Strategic Risk and Responsibility
  • Transformational Change and Organization Development
More About Graduate Certificates