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Kealy O'Niell headshot.

Building Connections on a Personal and Professional Level

If you're looking for insight into Executive Education programs at St. Thomas, look no further than Kealy O’Neill. She had enrolled in both the Digital Marketing Fundamentals and Certified Digital Marketing Professional programs to help build her marketing career.

“I wanted a comprehensive program that would expand my knowledge in different areas of marketing and how they fit together to form the overall strategy,” she said.

Working as a Social Marketing Associate at Land O' Lakes, O’Neill has especially enjoyed the program’s social media deep dive. “The instructor in the Digital Marketing program provided relatable, real-world scenarios that’s really enhanced my learning,” she said. “It's great to have instructors who are also practitioners.”

The networking in class was an added bonus for O’Neill - she even made job connections for her family members! “I've run into the program instructors at digital marketing events since taking these classes, and it's so great that I have a circle of connections I can utilize.”

Since taking these programs, O’Neill now asks probing questions at work that allows her team to get at the core of a problem. She’s recommended St. Thomas Executive Education to her co-workers, with some already starting to take programs.

“I'm looking into taking the Strategic Social Media Marketing program next to dig even deeper into the social strategy and learn about emerging new tools. I'm excited to continue my relationship with Executive Education.”