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Debra Ouellette headshot.

Getting to your Dream Job

Debra Ouellette serves as the Donor Relations Officer for Can Do Canines, a service to support people with disabilities using specially trained dogs. With only one year of nonprofit experience, Ouellette knew she needed additional training to make herself more marketable in the social sector. Her time at St. Thomas provided her with the confidence, skills, and knowledge necessary to land her dream job.

Ouellette enrolled in the Fundraising Certificate Series, a 13-series Executive Education program that covers a specific facet of the fundraising field. Each session has equipped her with relevant information and tools. And learning the professional jargon of fundraisers and trends has also given her a competitive advantage in the industry.

As for her professional network, Ouellette walked away with a circle of knowledgeable peers she continues to keep in touch with -- becoming crucial relationships as she navigates her new role with Can Do Canines.