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Conference attendees in an auditorium engage in conversation during the Executive Coaching in Organizations Conference.

Changing the game in 2020

Executive Coaching In Organizations Conference

Connecting research and practical tools with those who coach in organizations

Be a game changer

Game Changers 2020

The 2020 Executive Coaching in Organizations Conference took place on January 24, 2020. More information will be available for the 2021 conference fall of 2020. 

This conference unites thought leaders with those who are looking to start or enhance the coaching culture in their organization, front line leaders who coach formally or informally and external coaches who work with leaders. Getting all perspectives in the same room helps to create a common language for coaching to shift the reach from a one-off initiative to a system-wide approach – changing the game in organizational coaching.

Past Keynotes:

  • Coaches as Change Agents: Rethinking Our Profession in a World on the Brink with
    David Drake, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of Moment Institute and founder of narrative coaching
  • Harnessing the Power of the PEA in Your Coaching with Melvin Smith, Ph.D., Professor of Organizational Behavior, Case Western Reserve University
  • Coaching Matters - Creating a Coaching Revolution the Empowers Leaders at All Levels with DeAnn Aussem, Managing Director and founder of the U.S. Leadership Coaching Center of Excellence and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)
  • Turning Insights into Action with Michael Bungay Stanier, founder of Box of Crayons and author of The Coaching Habit

Have Questions?

Contact Lindsey Low, program manager. She can help you determine if this conference is the right fit for you, answer any questions you have and add you to conference notifications as more details are determined for the conference each year.


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2020 Conference Agenda

Pick up your materials, network with conference attendees, visit exhibitors and prepare to start the day of learning.

Start the conference with an interactive exploration of what makes a game changer a game changer. Set your AIM for the day.

Naomi Banks, Executive Coach and Sr. Manager, Organizational Learning and Development & HR Business Partner, Park Nicollet Health Services 
Jamie Barrie, Owner, Barrie Consulting and Leadership Coaching

Explore one simple yet profound question: “How can we help people break through when so much is breaking down?” Discuss the stories we tell ourselves as coaches and the implications of these formulations on ourselves, our clients, our organizations and our communities. How do these narratives need to change for our work to evolve? How do we become radically present and socially conscious? Deepen your capacity to be there for people during the breakdowns we face and the breakthroughs we yearn for. Leave with key strategies from narrative coaching you can use to bring new stories to life. 

David Drake, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of Moment Institute and founder of narrative coaching 

Breakout 1: Tech Talk: Can real-time, dynamic feedback and measurement during the coaching process drive better outcomes? 
We coach to improve leaders but can we measure these improvements dynamically? Can dynamic measurement and feedback drive better outcomes? Learn how one team combined unique real-time software tools with compassionate coaching to provide dynamic measurable insights and better outcomes. 

Vikas Narula, Creator and Co-Founder, Keyhubs 
Julie Schissel Loosbrock, EdD, CEO and Chief Consultant, Corporate Soul Infusion & Reignite the Soul 


Breakout 2: Fearless Feedback: An Inside Out Approach

Is your stakeholder feedback process tone deaf to the underlying emotions of all involved? Are you aware of the potential triggers and pitfalls of your current approach to feedback? With the co-authors of the book Fearless Feedback explore the stories of three game-changers that will transform the way you gather and deliver feedback. Through scenarios and role-play, learn practices to enhance your feedback methodology so that leaders are equipped to learn and succeed.

Tim Signorelli, PCC Executive Coach and Founder of Balancia and co-author of Fearless Feedback
Kathleen Marron, PCC, CEO of the Marron Alliance and co-author of Fearless Feedback


Breakout 3: The Fifth Domain: Navigating Issues of Self-Identity in the Coaching Relationship
What happens when we don't understand our client's identity?  How does our own identity play a role in how we coach and impact the coaching relationship?  This compelling session will explore foundational concepts of identity and how to bridge significant differences in worldviews and biases in the coaching relationship. Engage in self-assessment, inquiry and dialogue to enhance your own identity awareness and your ability to successfully work through issues of identity with your clients.

Amber Mayes, CEO and Coach, Amber Mayes Consulting
Sukari Pinnock, PCC, Professor, Georgetown University and Trainer, Shiftwork Consulting


Breakout 4: Client’s Biggest Game Changers
As coaches and organizational practice leaders, what can we learn from clients that might surprise us and up our game? In this session, you'll hear directly from 3 leaders about what mattered most while working with their coach - their game changers.  Together, we’ll explore and challenge what may be considered common “best practices” in executive coaching.

Oren Avery, Sr. Clinic Manager, Healthcare
Mary Beth George, Sr. Director Brand Marketing, Retail
Heidi Tieszen, Philanthropic Advisor, Community Foundation


Breakout 5: Maximizing the Coaching Ripple Effect
How can you as a coach or practice leader intentionally design coaching interventions in ways that have a larger scale impact on individuals, teams, and the organization? Empirical evidence indicates that coaching has an effect far beyond the individual being coached. Global thought leaders share the theory and practical strategies needed to enhance coaching outcomes at multiple system levels.

Angela Wright, Partner, CEC Global LLC and Facilitator - Oxford Brookes Coaching Supervision Program
Sarah Tennyson, Partner, CEC Global LLC and Co-Chair, Association for Coaching Region East Coast USA

Enjoy lunch and conversation with fellow conference attendees.

Engage your coaching mind with this interactive Brain Boost!

Conference Co-Chairs and Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching Program Faculty 

What does research say about the best way to create sustained, lasting change for our clients? Do you focus primarily on addressing problems activating the Negative Emotional Attractor (NEA)? Activating the Positive Emotional Attractor (PEA), which opens doors to untapped creativity, deep learning and meaningful growth. Dr. Melvin Smith sheds light on the neuroscientific research on the effects of PEA and NEA activation. He will translate this leading-edge research into practical tips to use in your coaching practice. 

Melvin Smith, Ph.D., Professor of Organizational Behavior, Case Western Reserve University 

Breakout 1: Developing a Global Mindset: A Provocative Conversation
What is a global mindset and how do you cultivate it as a coach or a leader?  If you crave the opportunity to go beyond the traditional programmatic approach to diversity, equity and inclusion, this session is for you! Together, let's discuss alternative perspectives and approaches that can enhance your coaching experiences, relationships and results. Bring curiosity and vulnerability to engage in a thought-provoking dialogue that has the potential to change the game with real and sustainable results.   

Naomi Banks, Executive Coach and Sr. Manager, Organizational Learning and Development & HR Business Partner, Park Nicollet Health Services 


Breakout 2: Stop Shoulding on Yourself: Unleash your Coaching Through Personal Wellbeing 
Information on well-being is all around us and yet it can be completely overwhelming and hard to put it into action. We are left telling ourselves what we ‘should be doing’ to be healthy without fully understanding what “well-being” means to us. Please join us for a unique process of defining your personal well-being and translate this awareness into improved coaching relationships and better results for your clients. Get refreshed, improve your coaching practice and stop ‘shoulding’ on yourself. 

Bryana Grovender, Executive Coach and Co-founder of Live Well. Lead Well.  
Holly O’Hanlon, Certified Leadership and Wellness Coach and Co-founder of Live Well. Lead Well.  


Breakout 3: Relevant or Old Hat: Is your Coaching Fit for Purpose? 
Today’s organizations operate in times of unprecedented uncertainty, complexity and change.  What standard methods for choosing/selecting coaches, designing coaching interventions, and running your coaching practice are no longer relevant?  What should we be considering instead? Join in this provocative discussion that challenges long-held assumptions of both buyers and providers of coaching.  Led by 2 engaging coach supervisors who will challenge you to think provocatively and evaluate your practice in terms of future sustainability. 

Angela Wright, Partner, CEC Global LLC and Facilitator, Oxford Brookes Coaching Supervision Program
Sarah Tennyson, Partner, CEC Global LLC and Co-Chair, Association for Coaching Region East Coast USA 


Breakout 4: Out of the Box Thinking on Coaching Cultures - An International Case Study   

The most popular way organizations try to move to a coaching culture is to train their managers in coaching skills. Yet, there is little evidence to show the effectiveness of this approach. Join our Australian colleagues live by Zoom to hear how they approached a 12-month organization-wide coaching program for 200+ people leaders, and what they learned from it.  Leave with 3 straightforward strategies for creating more impactful, sustainable coaching cultures in complex organizational systems.  

Paul Lawrence, Ph.D., Principal, Centre for Coaching in Organisations, Australia  
Kon Krios, PhD., Head of Learning & Leadership Development, Property Exchange, Australia



Breakout 5: Leveraging Neuroscience for High-Impact Coaching Programs 
Want your coaching program, training or workshop to have greater impact? Want participants to rave about it? The solution lies in knowing how to apply seven principles of how the brain learns best. Expand the reach and impact of your offerings with seven brain-based principles that will revolutionize the learner’s experience. In this practical session, you’ll leverage neuroscience research to make your design and delivery game changing. 

Sherry Yellin, ACC, BCC, Owner, The Learning Connection, Inc.  

Debrief the day and network with exhibitors, speakers, and colleagues new and old.

Great discussion AND continuing education credit

Earn hours for ICF and SHRM

The 2020 conference has been submitted for 6 CCE units through ICF and 6 PDCs through SHRM.

A conference participant listens to another during the Executive Coaching in Organizations Conference.

Is This Conference Right For You?

Designed as an outlet to share new ideas amongst those with an interest in coaching, the conference draws 200+ attendees including:

  • Those looking to take coaching to the next level in their organization
  • A front line leader who coaches internally
  • An executive coach working with leaders
Companies represented at this conference small, mid-size and large companies like 3M, All State Insurance, Ameriprise, Best Buy, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, IBM, Mayo Clinic, Medtronic, Microsoft, SPS Commerce, Thrivent Financial, United Health Group, Target and Xcel Energy.
Video about the 2019 Executive Coaching in Organizations Conference

Executive Coaching in Organizations Conference

Speakers and participants talk about their experience at the 2019 Executive Coaching in Organizations conference.
Michael Bungay Stanier speaks and gestures in front of a large notepad during the Executive Coaching in Organizations Conference.


Seven Questions That Will Change the Way You Lead

On January 25, 2019, Michael Bungay Stanier was the keynote speaker at the Executive Coaching in Organizations Conference. Bungay Stanier taught the audience about how effective coaching strategies could make them better leaders, including the seven questions every leader must ask. 
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