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St. Thomas MBA Programs

Navigating the Business Landscape: Where Leadership Excellence Meets Values

Earning an MBA at St. Thomas doesn't just prepare you—it elevates every facet of your professional journey. As you equip yourself to tackle challenging decisions with a wider lens, balancing both profit and purpose, you'll also be investing in an education that promises tangible returns.

With a rich blend of hands-on experiences and global perspectives, you won’t just advance your leadership and critical thinking skills—you’ll open doors to accelerated career growth and heightened earning potential. You’ll have confidence to analyze complex scenarios, make strategic decisions, and manage teams and projects company-wide.

Dive into a transformative experience that amplifies your business acumen and unlocks boundless possibilities.

Our MBA programs are designed to fit your needs. With us, you'll:

  • Gain the expertise that top employers seek today and seamlessly integrate it into your role tomorrow.
  • Choose from an array of flexible programs - be it online, on-campus, or hybrid, we have a mode to match your lifestyle.
  • Experience a holistic educational approach that values both your intellectual development and personal evolution.
  • Connect deeply and create lasting relationships with a dedicated community of professionals sharing your passion and vision.
  • Immerse yourself in an education emphasizing ethical leadership preparing you to lead organizations that prioritize both business success and positive change.
  • Leverage our extensive alumni community, connecting you with a global network of industry leaders, innovators, and change-makers.

St. Thomas MBA Advantage

St. Thomas MBA programs give you access to unique experiential learning, global learning opportunities, and a powerful network of graduate business alumni who can support you in your career.

Flexible schedule
Flexible course schedules

Small class sizes

Small class sizes

Global learning

Global Learning Opportunities

Experiential learning

Experiential Learning

Alumni network

20,000+ Graduate Business Alumni

No GMAT required


Explore our MBA Programs

Part-time Flex MBA


As few as 2 years
100% Online, In Person or Hybrid
A flexible schedule of evening classes, typically, Monday-Thursday, 6-9 pm
Career Stage
Average 7 years’ work experience
Graduate Certificate
Option to earn graduate certificate while completing degree
Global Experience
Short-term, 7-12 day study-travel experience or International Business course

Executive MBA

21 months
Hybrid - online collaboration and coursework and on-campus residencies, cohort learning
Once a month, all-day Friday and Saturday classes on campus
Career Stage
Average 15+ years’ work experience; 9 years’ average management experience
Global Experience
Take the Global Systems course and participate in a 7 to 10-day study abroad experience.

Health Care MBA


21 months
Hybrid - online collaboration and coursework, including an integrative study project in the last semester and on-campus residencies; cohort learning
Online classes; nine on-campus residencies (Thursday-Saturday)
Career Stage

Average 10+ years’ work experience
Global Experience
Take the Global Health Care Innovation course and participate in a 7 to 10-day international residency.

I’ve known many people that have gone back for their MBA. They only regret that they didn’t do it sooner. The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second-best time is today.

Allan Hammell ‘16 MBA