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Get a Hands-on, Practical Education

Part-Time Flex MBA Applied Learning

Gain Experiential Knowledge and Skills

Discover real-world applications of business concepts through group projects, case studies, simulations, guest speakers, and practical exercises within the Part-time Flex MBA program and grow in your role as a dynamic, creative problem-solver.

Our experiential learning model empowers you to:

  • Develop creative, effective solutions to tough business challenges
  • Balance business knowledge with principled leadership and ethical decision-making
  • Build connections with professionals working in your field
  • Thrive in today’s competitive landscape
of Part-time Flex MBA graduates received a promotion between the time they started the program and graduation day

Experiential Learning Prepares You to Succeed

Instructor gestures while teaching a class on the Minneapolis Campus of St. Thomas.

Course: Executive Perspectives

Seasoned executive leaders from the Twin Cities business community serve as guest speakers each week, providing real-world examples of their management philosophies and challenges they’ve faced, to which students can relate to their MBA studies.
Opus College of Business Professor Aaron Sackett teaches in a classroom in McNeely Hall. 

Aristotle Fund

This student-managed investment fund is a unique learning opportunity for University of St. Thomas finance students. This course, designed to replicate the work of a portfolio management firm, gives you hands-on experience managing an investment fund of over $6 million. To participate in the Aristotle Fund project, you must apply.
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Study Abroad

To expand your perspective and round out your MBA, we encourage you to choose a brief study abroad program. Spend 7 to 12 days visiting multinational and local companies, historic sites and engaging in various cultural activities.

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