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Members of the St. Thomas community gathered for a social event celebrating the grand opening of a new innovation space.

Connect with Fellow Innovators

Student Engagement

Learn Outside the Classroom

In addition to undergraduate and graduate courses, the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship offers many opportunities to develop your entrepreneurial skills. The Freshman Innovation Immersion is a two-day program that prepares undergrads to solve challenges creatively. Competitions offer the chance to win scholarships and other prizes while building your professional network.

The Schulze School offers entrepreneurial activities across campus, engaging students and professionals of all disciplines. Learning to think like an entrepreneur isn’t just for startups—it’s for everyone.

Get Involved


Enactus students create and execute entrepreneurial projects in the community, with the goal of empowering people in need. They seek to improve quality of life and standards of living by applying business and economic concepts and an entrepreneurial approach. The Enactus vision is to create a better, more sustainable world.

Practicing Entrepreneurs

This faculty-run group of St. Thomas students meets weekly for informal discussions about business ideas, business development issues and other entrepreneurial topics. All Tommies with an entrepreneurial idea are invited to attend. Alumni often pop in to pitch new venture ideas and find interns.


The [create]space is open to makers of all disciplines. Generate ideas, collaborate on projects, or just wander in and start exploring. Try out creative tools including a 3-D printer, laser cutter and a sewing machine. Attend Make-it-Monday and work on a DIY project by yourself or with help from create[space] staff members.
Marc Kermisch portrait. Students engaged in an event.
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Intrapreneurs Using Entrepreneurial Skills

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