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Students work on a group project during an Executive MBA Class in Schulze Hall in Minneapolis.

Advance Your Career

Graduate Certificates

Gain Specialized Expertise and Academic Credentials

Take the next step on your career path and earn a St. Thomas graduate certificate credit on your transcript. These shorter programs of study include four to six courses that you can complete in as few as two semesters of part-time study. Earn a certificate on its own, or as part of an Part-time Flex MBA or Online MBA. Students of the Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics have the additional option of rolling certificate credits into an MS in Business Analytics.

These short and focused programs allow you to gain expertise quickly, so you can put your new skills and knowledge to work. We developed all of our Graduate Certificate curriculum in collaboration with employers and industry experts, to ensure that we give our students the real-world skills and expertise that put them in high demand. We offer certificates in a number of dynamic industries and emerging fields.

An Opus College of Business student points at a white board as he explains something to the class.

Earning a Graduate Certificate is ideal if:

  • You’re a St. Thomas MBA student, and want to add a specialized credential to your degree
  • You have an undergraduate degree and want to explore an area of professional interest
  • You are considering an MBA or MS degree, but want to get started with a specialized credential
  • You have an MBA or other master’s degree, and want to advance or change careers

Graduate Certificates

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Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics

Learn to leverage data for more informed decision-making and problem solving. Find out how to use analytics to increase efficiency and discover new opportunities. Develop your critical skills in statistics, data modeling and data analysis.

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Two professionals studying a computer screen with a graph and charts on it.

Graduate Certificate in Digital Experience

Gain expertise in digital strategy, marketing analytics, digital marketing platforms and channels, and people and project management. This hands-on, immersive curriculum prepares you to succeed in this evolving, exciting field.

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Graduate Certificate in Global Business

Explore global economic and political systems, learn to operate more effectively in multinational business environments, and broaden your cultural competence.

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People grouped around a table talking, and someone pointing to a design document on a computer screen.

Graduate Certificate in Integrated Marketing Communication

If you are currently working in marketing communication, or wish to change lanes into this area, consider pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Integrated Marketing Communication to build strategic knowledge and practical skills in brand management, advertising and promotion, and organizational communication.

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Student works on a white board at an Opus College of Business workshop.

Graduate Certificate in Strategic Growth

Develop strategic thinking and financial acumen while exploring approaches to organic and external growth, including innovation, mergers and acquisitions, collaborative strategies, and global expansion.

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University of St. Thomas student at a workshop.

Graduate Certificate in Strategic Risk and Responsibility

Advance your understanding of corporate risk management, compliance, governance, social responsibility and sustainability. As a leader, you’ll learn how to help align these critical functions in your organization, which seldom work together optimally.

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A female student participates in a group exercise during an Opus College of Business class.

Graduate Certificate in Transformational Change & Organization Development

Learn to lead transformational, strategic change through the development of an organization. Understand how to identify issues and drive solutions by consulting with executive management, and partnering to design and implement system-wide updates.

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