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Transform the Business of Health Care

Health Care

The health care industry is experiencing a fundamental restructuring due to digitization, customer empowerment and patient choice. As new business models emerge, St. Thomas is leading the way in digital health, delivering innovative graduate programs, applied research and consulting services to support this transformation.

Leaders in Health Care

Minnesota is home to digital health startups, large medical device manufacturers, major health insurers, world-renowned health care providers, and health care-related nonprofit organizations. In many ways, it’s like the Silicon Valley of health care. The Opus College of Business is at the leading edge of digital trends in health care, working and consulting with companies and organizations within the Minnesota health care system and educating their leaders to drive transformation.

St. Thomas has been a leader in facilitating conversations about health care for more than 30 years

Academic Programs

Health Care MBA

Designed for health care professionals who want to advance their careers, the Health Care MBA program focuses on developing the strategic leadership skills needed to most effectively advance health care. The Health Care MBA program follows a cohort learning model, which emphasizes teamwork and collaboration among a committed group of emergent health care leaders.
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MS in Health Care Innovation

As health care businesses and organizations look to disrupt the status quo and respond to the changing climate of the industry, the need for innovative thinking is growing quickly. Learn how to influence the direction of the health care industry from the inside out with an MS in Health Care Innovation.
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Executive Education

Managing for the Future of Health Care

The business of health care is complex and ever changing. Dive into the key elements driving all aspects of the industry with this three-day program. Return to the office with tools to guide your team into the future.

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Executive Education

Executive Conference on the Future of Health Care

Join St. Thomas for this high demand annual conference highlighting the latest advancements in the business of health care.  Spend the day learning with the best and brightest local and national health care leaders who are paving the way forward.
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Centers and Institutes

Center for Innovation in the Business of Health Care

The Center for Innovation in the Business of Health Care (CIBH) is engaged in studying health care business platforms with the purpose of providing innovative management solutions.
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Veritas Institute

Veritas Institute fosters ethically and socially responsible organizational conduct by promoting, applying, adapting and continually improving the Self-Assessment and Improvement Process (SAIP). Veritas also aids the formation of ethical, effective leaders.
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Designing with Empathy

local healthcare tech startup partners with Lyft to provide rides to underserved populations.
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