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Juggling Work, Family and MBA

When Tiffany Finley ’21 MBA looks back at the last five years, two major events stand out: working full-time while getting her MBA and having two babies.

Now she’s graduating from the Part-time Flex MBA program this spring and looks forward to continuing to be a strong, positive role model for her kids.

Tiffany began the MBA program at Opus College in 2017 when her daughter Aubrey was 18-months old. She was taking two classes, working full-time, and still adjusting to being a first-time mom when she found out she was pregnant with her second child. Wesley was born in November 2017, and then her third son Boden arrived in July 2019.

Despite having a full plate, getting an MBA was important to Tiffany. “I was eager to enhance my skills, knowledge, and leadership abilities,” she says. “It was also a personal goal of mine – I believe there’s always something more to learn, areas to improve, and strengths to develop.”

Tiffany, a double Tommie who lives in Minnesota, chose Opus College for an MBA because of its reputation for quality education and experiential learning. As a working parent, the personalized curriculum options and flexibility were also appealing.

The Part-time Flex MBA program lets you choose the pace that works well for you. It’s designed for working professionals who want to complete the degree on their timeline and customize their course lineup. When Tiffany had two children under two in her first year, she focused on classes that offered a hybrid option to better fit her schedule while still satisfying her preference for being in class.

As a working parent, the personalized curriculum options were appealing.

She loves how the faculty has shown a true passion for teaching and connecting with students in her five years in school. “I appreciated the hands-on experience and real-world examples of the concepts discussed in the classroom,” she says.

Tiffany has also embraced diverse perspectives on global, social, and business issues. “I thoroughly enjoyed addressing real-world business challenges with MBA students from different backgrounds, experiences, and career paths than mine,” she says.

As Tiffany progressed through the MBA program, she found other working parents to network and share ideas while going through a similar journey together.

Having a good support system is crucial as a parent. Tiffany was away at class for 3-4 hours each week and spent hours studying and working on group projects. “Without [my husband’s] support, I wouldn’t have been able to pursue my MBA,” she says.

Balancing a career at Amazon and challenging coursework while raising a family hasn’t always been easy, but the payoff is rewarding. A project management course has inspired Tiffany to obtain her PMP certification and AWS Cloud Practitioner certification after graduation. “My goal is to continue to raise the bar."

Tiffany Finley working at table with her children playing in the background

Tiffany Finley

  • Senior Program Manager at Amazon Web Services (AWS)
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