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Equipping Business Leaders to Succeed in an Era of Rapid Digital Transformation

Business in a Digital World (BDW)

At the Opus College we aim to develop leaders who understand the enormous power and potential of emerging technologies in business and society and who can responsibly harness that power for the common good.

Digital transformation

The integration of digital technology into all aspects of an organization’s operations and strategy, in ways that deliver value for customers, has become a priority across business. Emergent technologies have an important role to play in driving business outcomes by deepening stakeholder insights, improving efficiencies and reducing costs, among other things.

At the Opus College we challenge students and working professionals to learn about these technologies, their application in business, and the consequences—both intended and unintended—of these solutions to humans and society.

Building, delivering, and integrating learning experiences that emphasize the leadership skills and competencies needed to deliver business in a digital world—responsibly—is paramount to an Opus College education.


Kristina Schatz

Executive Director
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(651) 962-4232

Digital Transformation

Get ready to tackle digital transformation in your organization or industry by building the digital literacy, problem-solving and leadership skills required for the fourth industrial revolution.

Business Analytics

Put yourself in the heart of smarter problem solving by harnessing the power of data, a key building block for technology innovation.

Business in a Digital World Fellows

Headshot of Jay Ebben

Jay Ebben

BDW Faculty Fellow

Headshot of Gino Giovannelli

Gino Giovannelli

BDW Faculty Fellow

headshot of lee winbush

Lee Winbush

BDW Executive Fellow

Headshot of Grant Riewe

Grant Riewe

BDW Executive Fellow

Kevin Quiring Headshot

Kevin Quiring

BDW Executive Fellow

Learn more about Business in a Digital World

Gain insights into business in a digital world through dynamic discussions and expert presentations that feature case studies and leadership lessons from the St. Thomas network.

2022-2023 Topics and Speakers:

  • "Join us in the Nth Floor: Accenture's Business use of Mixed Reality" with speaker Allison Horn, Accenture Executive Director Global Talent, moderator Lori B. Zumwinkle, Accenture Senior Managing Director and North America Retail Industry Lead & UST MBA Alumni, and Q&A Host Kathy Arnold VP and Chief Human Resources Officer at University of St Thomas.
  • "Enter the Metaverse: A Journey to Demystify This Year's Buzziest Trend." with Lee Winbush, 3M, and moderated by St Thomas student Mellissa Ingabire and St Thomas Faculty Lisa Abendroth.
  • "Digital Solutions Supporting Circular Economy" with Dr. Phil Brown, Circularise, & Dr. Jon Smieja, GreenBiz

Past Topics and Speakers:

  • "Artificial Intelligence and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion" with Elizabeth M. Adams, moderated by Professor Colleen Dorsey View the event webpage.
  • "A Digital Renaissance:...a revival under the influence of classical models" with Shaun Braun, 3M, moderated by Lee Winbush, Adjunct Faculty at Opus, 3M View event webpage here
  • "Life Reimagined: Mapping the motivations that matter for today’s consumers" with Kevin Quiring, Accenture
  • "Digital Transformation in Traditional Industries"
  • "Safeguarding our Tech-Enabled Future" with Ilana Lipsett, Institute for the Future
  • "The Next Normal: What will our tech-enabled future hold?" with Julie Gilbert, McKinsey



Corporate Fellows

Leslie Shannon

Head of Ecosystem and Trend Scouting, Nokia

Kevin Quiring

Managing Director, Global Customer Strategy, Accenture

Aaron Keller

Chief Marketing Officer, Co-Founder, Capsule

Mark Hansberry

Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, HealthPartners

Aaron Mills

Digital Marketing Manager, 3M

Patricia Hambrick

Chief Executive Officer and Founder, The Hambrick Group

Michael Moore

Chief Retail Officer, Harry's

Meghan Kober

Assistant Vice President Fintech Acceleration and Innovation, US Bank

Claire Powell

Owner, Bella Virtu Organics

Carolina Bautista-Brown

Segment Marketing Senior Manager, 3M

Sharon Harris

Chief Marketing Officer, Jellyfish

Matt Majka

President, MN Wild

David Espindola

Founding Partner, Intercepting Horizons

Grant Riewe

Executive Advisor

Craig Herkert

Interim Chief Executive Officer, Save A Lot

Bryan Rogers

Managing Director, Propeller

Chap Achen

Vice President Supply Chain Operations, Nextuple

Jan Poeschl

Vice President of Supply Chain, Salt & Straw

Leona Lewis

Senior Counsel, Privacy and Operational Compliance, Thrasio

Scott Bolduc

Director of Supply Chain Strategy, SPS Commerce

Wes Whalberg

Sr. Director, Enterprise Engineering, Site Operations, & Construction, Best Buy