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Earn Respected Project Management Credentials

CERTIFIED Professional Project Manager (CPPM)

Learn effective project management skills and principles while earning a Certified Professional Project Manager (CPPM) designation.

Successful project managers constantly seek out the most effective project management tools, practices, and methods. Get an edge over the competition by earning a Certified Professional Project Manager (CPPM) designation from St. Thomas. With hands-on experience in your toolkit, you’ll be able to immediately apply your newfound knowledge in your everyday activities.

The CPPM program gives you a solid foundation in the skills you’ll need to be a successful project manager:

  • Developing strong interpersonal and communication skills to influence and lead project teams
  • Applying a broad range of estimating tools and practices to successfully manage projects within scope from initiation to closure
  • Enhancing your project management outcomes by effectively utilizing the top PMI® global standards


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Is This Program for You?

Is This Program Right for You?

Anyone who currently manages projects, products, programs or processes will benefit from the project management skills covered in this program.

Common job titles of program participants include:

  • IT Analyst
  • Account Manager
  • Business Consultant
  • Technology Manager
  • Sales Specialist
  • Process Analyst
  • Engineers
  • Brand Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Strategic Planners
  • Quality improvement Specialist
  • Marketing Communications Managers
  • Marketing Communications Specialist

The program is also an excellent choice for anyone looking to change careers.

Benefits of This Program

Learn Project Management Leadership Skills

Demonstrate your project management leadership by successfully navigating your project from initiation to closure the moment you walk away from this program.

Choose the Right Approach

What is waterfall versus agile? You need to be able to choose the right approach based on project needs. With an understanding of traditional practices you will have the ability to determine which projects are best served using the waterfall method.

Drive Project Success

You’ll return to work with the skills needed to improve project success and drive innovation. These skills are discussed and practiced in the classroom environment and can be applied to your projects immediately.

Earn a Certification

By successfully completing this program you will earn the CPPM (Certified Professional Project Manager) certification through the University of St. Thomas. This certification will add credibility to your experience and demonstrate ability in waterfall methodology to current and future employers.

Take Steps Toward PMP® Designation

Earn 35 hours of project management education from a PMI Authorized Training Partner® required for the Project Management Practitioner (PMP®) designation.

Earn PDU credits to maintain PMI certifications

Already hold the PMP® or other PMI® credentials? Earn 35 PDUs through this program.

Ernest Owens, program instructor and assistant professor of management, states that the Certified Professional Project Manager program (CPPM) covers a full suite of issues that the project manager has to deal with.

Executive Education: Certified Professional Project Manager

The Certified Professional Project Manager program is a comprehensive project management program that emphasizes the technical and soft skills needed to be a successful project manager.

Classroom vs. Online Learning

Classroom CPPM

The end result is the same, but the mode of becoming a Certified Professional Project Manager is different. Both programs require a group exam to earn the certification.

  • Price: $2,995
  • Program hours: 35

With the in-classroom version of CPPM, you’ll meet as a group over the course of five days. The in-classroom program is scheduled in a variety of ways but most often in a Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Monday, Wednesday format over two weeks. This schedule allows time to absorb materials between class sessions and gives you time back in the office to stay caught up with your work.

Throughout the process of becoming a Certified Professional Project Manager, you’ll have access to faculty and are able to learn from and network with your classmates. This work is primarily done in the classroom while working on the group exam required to earn the certification.

Online CPPM

  • Price: $2,495
  • Program hours: 35

Learn on your own time from anywhere with an internet connection. With a series of faculty led videos and activities to apply the learning, you’ll leave with a solid understanding of project management. To keep the pace during this 10-week program, there are weekly online meetings with your classmates and instructor. These meetings reinforce the concepts covered in class each week.

Successful completion of the group exam will demonstrate knowledge of class concepts and readiness to hold the Certified Professional Project Manager credential.

The lower price point for the online program accounts for less direct time with faculty. Rest assured, you can ask our faculty questions throughout the program. You will learn from and network with your classmates as you work toward your CPPM – it’s just all done virtually.

Explore Our Online CPPM


Project managers often struggle to align project deliverables with their organization’s strategic plan, vision and mission. The Certified Professional Project Manager (CPPM) program builds your leadership and decision-making skills while exploring the best practices and tools for effective project management.

Topics covered include:

  • Project initiation including clearly defining project outcomes, assessing project feasibility, identifying stakeholders, conducting a SWOT analysis and creating a project charter
  • Project planning skills such as: crafting a problem statement, risk management plan, CPM and PERT network diagrams, Gantt charts and a budget
  • Navigating the stages of team development, conflict resolution and group dynamics management
  • Project control, closure, and finalization including how to conduct a successful project audit and the best ways to communicate the results throughout the organization
This certification program includes a group exam to demonstrate your understanding and competency of these topics.
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Inspired to Make a Career Change

The CPPM program at St. Thomas has added positive value to Matissa's professional career.
Inspired to Make a Career Change

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