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You already built career confidence and developed professional skills while gaining your degree at the Opus College of Business. Now, let us connect you to the right opportunities, introduce some useful tools and provide personalized coaching to help you on your career path.

The Graduate Business Career Services team is dedicated to providing meaningful assistance to our alumni. We are eager to assist you in reaching your professional goals, whether that means excelling in a current role or preparing for a new opportunity. Our offerings include career coaching and assessments, mock interviews, networking opportunities and much more.

Explore Alumni Career Services & Resources

Take advantage of a direct consultation during an individual appointment with a designated career coach. We’ll spend time sharpening your focus and honing the skills you need for successful job searches.

During your appointment, you can ask a career coach for:

  • Advice on career options
  • Help brushing up on interviewing skills
  • A professional review of your résumé or cover letter
  • Tips on where to find career-related workshops and resources
Contact the career services office to make your career coaching appointment.

Sow the seeds of a successful business career. Our office can match your profile of unique talents, interests and values to specific business fields using the CareerLeader® business interest inventory. This inventory will assess your interests in three areas:

  • Business Career Interest Inventory (BCII)
  • Leadership Motivation Profile
  • Leadership Skills Profile

We have the expertise to analyze the results of all three for your "Personal Highs"—your closest matches to successful individuals in 27 different business careers. 

We also offer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) assessment. The MBTI can help you with career planning at every stage of life, from choosing your first career to advancing in your organization or changing careers later in life.

For more information on career assessments, please contact the career services office.

If you are preparing for an interview and would like a practice run, contact career services and request a mock interview. After providing your résumé and a description of the position for which you're applying, we’ll arrange a mock interview in either a panel or one-on-one format as appropriate.

After the mock interview, a career coaches will meet with you to discuss your strengths and weaknesses and suggest potential changes to maximize your chances of getting the job. We can also record the mock interview for deeper analysis.

To request a mock interview, please contact the career services office.

Expand your job search opportunities and maximize your career potential through these additional resources—all are vetted by our office to increase the quality and efficiency of your search.

  • LinkedIn: St. Thomas alumni are highly encouraged to connect with each other via our LinkedIn network.
  • Social Media: The Opus College of Business Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts are great resources for networking and information. 

The career management program is a three-step process that can help you secure a job, promotion or further professional development. Our personalized coaching strategy coupled with peer-based seminars provide a tailored training experience and a comprehensive, long-term professional development plan.

The stages of our Career Management Program are as follows: 

  • Stage 1: Exploration - During stage one, you assess your personal strengths and professional compatibilities. This process is very valuable if you’re considering a change of careers or industries.
  • Stage 2: Planning and Research - Stage two is all about building. You've done your personal assessment, have a sense of what you'd like to do and now it's time to build and prepare for the job search. Key competencies in stage two include identifying target industries, roles and beginning the search process. You will also focus on skills such as résumé-building and networking.
  • Stage 3: Job Search - With clearly defined career goals, appropriate job attributes and job search skills – you are ready to run. The primary goals of stage three are to conduct the job search, obtain a new job and successfully enter the new position or organization.
For more information on the Career Management Program, please contact the career services office.


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