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Family businesses have unique strengths, challenges and needs. A business advisor experienced in navigating family business issues can be a valuable addition to your team. To ensure the advisor you choose is a great fit for your family business, learn how to select the right one, and browse our list of family business advisors. Need help identifying which advisors to connect with? Reach out to Center Director Jon Keimig at jon.keimig@stthomas.edu.


Jon Keimig

Director, Family Business Center
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(651) 962-4560
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Qualities to Seek in an Advisor

To ensure that your professional advisor is up to the task of serving your family business, she or he should:

  • Maintain up-to-date technical knowledge
  • Show a strong interest in and commitment to the field of family business
  • Communicate openly in clear, simple language and help educate family members when appropriate
  • Seek to know your family and business in depth
  • Understand how families work and how the family and the business relate to each other
  • Give advice and counsel that suits both your family and your business
  • Initiate periodic meetings with you for update and review
  • Be resourceful on your behalf, spotting opportunities for sharing information and contacts
  • Show empathy, patience and trustworthiness
  • Be willing to work with successive generations
  • Raise questions about the future and give honest feedback and advice
  • Promote collaboration among advisers

7 Questions to Ask Potential Advisers

As you search for the best advisor for your family business, it can be helpful to conduct brief interviews. Below are some questions that can help you learn more about your candidates, and give you insight about whom to hire.

  1. Can you describe your role as a family business advisor?
  2. How do you build an understanding of the relationship between a family and their family business?
  3. What does working within a family culture mean to you?
  4. How do you build and promote collaboration with other advisors serving the same family business?
  5. How and when do you participate in the changing of family culture?
  6. Do you have experience with clients whose family businesses are at least as complex as ours?
  7. Can you provide references from family businesses similar to ours?

Adviser Directory

These advisers have experience working with family businesses. To get help finding the right one for your family, contact Family Business Center director Jon Keimig at (651) 962-4560.

Bill English
The Platinum Group
(952) 829-5700
Working from his own experience of owning a training company for 14 years ($9M/65 employees) and performing marriage and family therapy for 9 years, Bill (a Minnesota-licensed psychologist) assists family-owned businesses who are in crisis to help them find healing and profitability. If you’re looking for help, Bill will give you an hour of his time so you can discern if his help and services are a good fit for you.

Erik Gabrielson
(612) 747-7556
Activ8 is a catalyst to help create thriving and resilient families by focusing on the meaning behind the assets and the important interactions that create the context life enrichment. We create a platform for families to create learning communities that support family members in achieving breakthroughs to enrich their life allowing the family to execute on transition strategies that support long term wealth and well-being.

Eric Gustafson
The Gustafson Group
(612) 239-7833
As an entrepreneur, Eric Gustafson has led two family businesses through transition to eventual sale to public companies. Now as a professionally trained coach/adviser, he works with families on strategic planning, systems improvement and leadership development.

Dale Henry
Critical Insight Group
(612) 306-1379
We develop ‘great leaders of great teams’. We’re known for developing strong, effective, truly influential leaders; who know exactly how to build incredibly high-performing teams. We’ll help you improve how you lead, position, grow and engage your people to optimize the performance and value of you organization.

Larry D. Hause, JD
Hause Family Business Transitions, LP
(952) 681-7125
A nationally recognized transition strategist, attorney and author, Larry specializes in helping owners of family and other privately-held companies resolve difficult, contentious and seemingly “impossible” transition challenges in a low risk, highly effective manner. His “Balance Point System” provides a framework to balance all of the primary issues involved with every transition: power, money and personal relationships.

Thomas M. Hubler
Hubler for Business Families
(612) 375-0640
Specializes in succession planning, communication and management of difference, common vision and leadership development.

Julie Keyes
As a Business Coach and lifelong entrepreneur, Julie Keyes understands and has lived through what keeps family business owners up at night. Her services are personalized and range from mentoring and accountability to strategic planning and team building for family-owned businesses who seek company growth, synergy and maintenance of the family bond.

Yvonne Kinney
Consulting Solutions
(320) 766-7788
Helping families navigate through unique situations and challenges by empowering companies, teams and individuals with solutions to fit your culture and goals. Interpersonal relationships, communication, succession planning and leadership development.

Amanda Lathrop
Lead Sheep Productions, LLC
(651) 246-1695
Video production services to capture and preserve the legacy of your family business for future generations.

Mary Ellen Leary
The Mel Group, LLC
(952) 210-9899
Human resources and organization development consulting.

Kalli Matsuhashi
Executive Confidante
(651) 356-5080
Family conflict resolution, training in understanding family business stages of development and growth, development of ownership agreements, family employment policies, conflict resolution processes, and other standards/policies for family businesses, next generation career planning and development.

Katy Mitchell
KSM Leadership Consulting
(612) 296-0631
Expert in succession planning, leadership development and interpersonal dynamics of family business transitions.

Bill Monson
iManage, LLC
(612) 600-7355
Helps owner, board, and/or management groups face — and act on — real problems and opportunities, in real time, in day-to-day work. Process consulting creates clarity about how best to manage oneself in groups, about how to enhance strategic alignment among stakeholders, and about how to demonstrably improve the performance of the whole enterprise.

Jean Morrison
Morrison and Associates, Inc.
(952) 927-9133
Specializes in conflict resolution, performance management, team building, employer/employee relations, executive/individual coaching and organizational transitions.

Mimi Palen-Clare
Executive Growth Advisors
(612) 518-7539
Mimi specializes in helping family businesses position themselves for growth and improvement in their processes, people, profitability, and customer & community perceptions. She works with owners, executive teams, and their Boards to develop clear and profitable roadmaps for their organizations through strategic planning, succession & transition planning, leadership/managerial training, navigating through conflict, and executive coaching.

Catherine Reid Day
Storyslices LLC
We apply our 20 years of experience in creating philanthropic legacies for families and businesses to support closely held businesses with inheritance and succession. Services include clarifying and conveying vision and values, intergenerational and transition communications, strategic advising, board development, writing, publishing and media production.

Sara Stern
Family Business Minnesota
(651) 395-7827
An EOS (Traction) implementer, coach and the former director of the Family Business Center, she has a unique ability to help family businesses maximize the positive impact they have on their companies, families and communities. She works exclusively with a handful family businesses in Minnesota to implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System.

Joshua Bobich
Best & Flanagan
(612) 843-5831
Josh focuses his practice on helping owners of lower middle market businesses ($5MM-$100MM in annual revenues) build transferable value in their companies. He is active in community family business and business transition planning activities and has consequently developed a broad network of complementary service providers from which to draw when crafting collaborative, practical solutions to his clients’ business issues.

Margaret Cronin
Bridgeview Legal Advisors
(612) 802-9751
Attorney representing families of wealth, closely held businesses, private charitable foundations and entrepreneurs; focus on estate and charitable planning, cabin succession planning and managing enterprise growth, from formation and partnership development to trademarks, branding and succession planning.

Janel Dressen
Anthony Ostlund Baer & Louwagie P.A.
612) 349-6969
Business litigation attorney experienced in advising clients through the dispute resolution process before and during litigation. She spends a significant amount of her time as a legal advisor and trial attorney resolving family-owned and privately-held business disputes for owners that are in need of separation.

Noreen Johnson Sedgeman
Winthrop & Weinstine, P. A.
(612) 694-6617
Noreen Sedgeman is a business attorney who assists family business owners with ownership transitions. In particular, she regularly represents family business owners in succession planning and in connection with the sale of their business.

Kathleen Kuehl
Bridgeview Legal Advisors
(612) 221-7008
Attorney, with previous family office experience, counseling client families on all aspects of wealth transfer strategies, estate and trust administration, business succession, philanthropic planning, business entity formation and general business matters.

Joel Levahn
Zappia & LeVahn, Ltd.
(763) 571-7721
As a business adviser and attorney with 35 years of experience working with family businesses and closely held companies, Joel understands the uniqueness of family business dynamics and helps in transitioning from entrepreneurial management to professional management, as well as transitioning the business to the next ownership regime – be it the next generation, an ESOP or even an outside, third-party buyer.

Sally Stolen Grossman, Esq.
(612) 632-3007
Sally works with family-held business owners to develop estate and succession plans to transition the business and counsels families in the administration of estates and trusts that hold family business interests. Sally’s clients appreciate her ability to keep them focused on their legacy, to avoid analysis paralysis, and to simplify the often complex tools that could be used to implement their plans.

Todd Taylor
Avisen Legal
(612) 584-3400
Avisen Legal was created by entrepreneurs to serve entrepreneurs. Our lawyers average over 20 years of experience, including extensive work with multi-generational family businesses and issues they face.

Patrick Boldischar
Wells Fargo Private Bank
(612) 316-4103
Patrick provides financial advice and consultative services to high-net worth individuals and their families to address the full impact of their unique wealth, which often reaches far beyond money management. He thrives on developing innovative solutions to complex problems for clients by cultivating and developing the best team and solutions for each client.

Jeff Fischbach
Bremer Bank
(651) 259-2509
Bremer is a financial services organization owned by both a foundation and its employees, through an ESOP. With integrated comprehensive solutions including banking, insurance, trust, private banking and wealth management, we provide guidance, counsel and solutions that aim to balance the needs of the business, the owners and the bank.

Rob Gales
(612) 889-9067
Rob serves business owners who are interested in selling all or part of their business, managing the entire process of assessing the market value of the company, pre-sale planning, marketing, negotiations, and closing the best possible deal. Rob is passionate about walking with the business owner along a path that encourages an intentional focus on “what’s next, what’s your life’s purpose?”, before embarking on the transition path.

Sima Griffith
Aethlon Capital, LLC
(612) 338-6065
Sima Griffith is the founder of Minneapolis-based Aethlon Capital, a FINRA-registered investment bank. Whether a company has $10 million or $100 million in revenues, Aethlon is adept at helping entrepreneurs and families navigate capital raises and the sale of their businesses to help owners achieve their long-term goals.

Marshall Johnson
Arctic Capital
(952) 412-7712
Arctic Capital is a Minnesota-based acquisition holding company with significant experience helping family businesses transition to new ownership. Our philosophy is to partner with exceptional companies led by talented management teams to support both organic and acquisition growth strategies with long-term investment horizons.

Beth Kieffer Leonard, CPA, CGMA
(612) 377-4404
We are fueled by the entrepreneurial spirit and driven to serve our community, and our industry, with conviction and vision. Managing a business is the art of navigating chaos. With that axiom in mind, Lurie serves our clients with a simple mission: use agile financial intelligence to provide clarity, confidence, and devoted support.

Jason Kley, CFP, AIF
Carlson Capital Management, Inc.
(952) 230-6705
Carlson Capital Management offers integrated wealth management and provides investment, estate, tax, insurance, retirement and philanthropic planning that help families use their wealth as tool to accomplish what is most important to them. We consult with families on transition planning, business succession, business retirement plans and advanced planning solutions, in addition to facilitating highly customized family meetings.

Becky Krieger, CFP®, CPA
Ross Levin, CFP®
Accredited Investors Wealth Management®
(952) 841-2222
As an independently owned and operated firm, Accredited’s leadership team knows firsthand that business ownership brings a unique set of wealth planning challenges and understands the how the critical relationship between business and personal finance can evolve over time. Our firm of 50 colleagues features a wealth management team with diverse professional backgrounds and the deep-rooted experience to help you work through succession planning options, communication strategies, and generational planning techniques, while emphasizing the importance of sustaining good family dynamics to achieve successful outcomes.

Andrew J. Matysik
Jessica B. Johnson, JD
Punch & Associates Investment Management, Inc.
(952) 224-4350
Punch & Associates is an employee-owned wealth planning and investment firm with a strong history of delivering a high level of client service, expert advice, and exceptional investment performance. We curate proprietary investment strategies and offer family wealth advising in the areas of business succession, charitable, cash flow, tax, and estate and trust planning.

Marc Meirovitz
MidWestOne Bank
(763) 512-5289
Marc Meirovitz has over 30 years of experience advising family businesses in the Twin Cities, and is proud to be a vice president at MidWestOne Bank. He develops customized financing solutions that solve immediate needs while positioning companies for responsible long-term growth, and is committed to adding value and maximizing efficiency, while always doing what is best for his customers.

Keith Moeller, CPA, CFP, CASL, MBA
Northwestern Mutual
(612) 758-7797
Keith’s purpose is to help guide people through retirement, business succession, incapacity and estate planning. He focuses on your visions rather than tactics, clarifying your goals rather than just selling products, and empowering you to make confident decisions.

Paul F. Moffatt
Encore One, L.L.C.
(952) 656-4539
Part of a family business started more than 60 years ago, Encore One, L.L.C. is a holding company that invests in private companies with up to $100 million in revenues. Unlike most investors, we measure our investment horizon in decades, giving us the flexibility to (i) accommodate the particular financial needs of the selling company’s owner(s) and (ii) protect the employees, culture and name of the company, while affording us the time to prudently grow the business.

Anne C. Novak, CPA, PFS, CTFA
Meristem Cresset
(952) 838-3564
As a Client Advisor at Meristem Family Wealth and Vice President of Meristem Trust Company, I help families across generations expand financial and human capital. With Meristem engaged, prosperous families are poised to secure and extend their wealth, to make an impact for themselves, future generations and their communities.

Candido Palomarez
Candido, Inc.
(763) 428-1000
I have specialized in working with Christian family businesses for more than 10 years. As the CFO for the family, I help a very small number of families set and achieve their succession, retirement, and legacy goals and to be good stewards with the finances that God has entrusted to them.

Ron Price, CPA
(612) 376-1268
Ron Price provides tax and business advisory services to more than 20 families and family owned businesses, with experience including acquisitions, sales transactions and succession planning. CBIZ MHM, LLC is a full-service tax and accounting firm with expertise in providing audit and assurance services, tax planning and compliance, estate planning, wealth transfer and valuation services.

Dyanne Ross-Hanson, CLU, ChFC, CFP, CEPA
Exit Planning Strategies
Dyanne Ross-Hanson directs an inter-disciplinary process for owners and their advisory team to explore exit planning options, map realistic strategies and develop an action checklist to accomplish the owner’s objectives. Her work is outcome agnostic, financially based and owner-centric.

Christine Schmidt
Trust Point Inc.
(612) 339-2343
Christine leads the Family Office at Trust Point working with families on a variety of wealth related topics including education, communication and planning in coordination with other professionals to ensure the family’s finances and life goals are aligned with the family values. Offering corporate trustee services, comprehensive investment management, or all-inclusive corporate retirement plans, backed by a century of service and a strong reputation for always acting as a fiduciary, putting our clients’ best interest first and foremost in everything we do.

Jeffrey P. Sellner, CPA
CliftonLarsonAllen LLP
(612) 376-4670
Jeff has over 20 years of experience providing succession planning and business advisory services to privately owned businesses and its owners. This includes working with companies with various business challenges including family ownership transitions, exit/business sale strategies and planning, capital planning, business structuring, buy and sell-side M&A transactions and other strategic business planning.

Joe Skorczewski
(612) 230-3112
Chartwell’s expertise in financial advisory, corporate finance, and valuation services is focused on the unique needs of privately-held, middle market companies. Chartwell is a nationally recognized market leader with significant experience providing employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) valuations and fairness opinions.

Seth Spreadbury
Marsh & McLennan Agency
(763) 746-8553
Seth works as the National Family Office practice leader at Marsh & McLennan Agency, the largest insurance broker in the world. In his role, Seth provides sophisticated risk management and insurance coverages both during and post transition to ensure the perpetuity of family legacy and wealth.

William M. Sternberg
The Minneapolis Foundation
(612) 672-3825
We make it easy to make a difference – today and for future generations. Since 1915, The Minneapolis Foundation has partnered with generous individuals and families, effective nonprofits, engaged civic leaders and other people just like you to strengthen our community through charitable giving.

Rick Wall
Highland Bank
(952) 858-4888
Highland Bank is family owned and operated, with 40 years of experience working as a family business, with other family businesses. We are a Preferred Lender with the SBA, and while not every family business needs an SBA loan, with Highland you have a banker that looks at all the possibilities to help you meet your financial goals.

Nate Wenner, CPA, PFS, CFP®, CIMA®
Wipfli Hewins Investment Advisors
(952) 548-3404
Leveraging his expertise in tax, succession, retirement and investment planning, Nate specializes in developing well-conceived, comprehensive financial plans for a range of business owners, from sole practitioners to multigenerational family enterprises. One of Nate’s key areas of expertise is advising owners who are ready to pursue life after their business — specializing in helping create a roadmap for exiting the company, while developing a long-term plan for what lies ahead.

Mike Frommelt
KeyStone Search
(612) 375-8900
Retained executive search firm working exclusively with privately held businesses, including family businesses, ESOPs, partnerships and founder-led companies. Keystone has conducted numerous “Succession” related search projects as well as having a specialty in working with companies utilizing EOS/Traction.

K. David Hirschey
Personnel Management, Inc.
(952) 393-1040
David Hirschey works with family businesses on their human resource needs to develop compensation planning, incentive plans, employee engagement tools and performance management. With a deep understanding of the wants and needs of employees in the public and private sectors, uses his 30 years of industry knowledge and consulting experience to help families find the right solutions for their business.

David Lyman
(612) 812-3263
Lyman Executive Search
Lyman Executive Search is a retained executive search firm with deep experience working with family-owned companies. We offer succession planning, and C-level and Board recruitment.

David Magy
Abeln, Magy, Underberg & Associates
(952) 404-5085
Specializes in retained search, corporate recruitment and workforce consulting for family-owned businesses.

Rebecca Krus Nash
Nash Executive Search & Consulting
(651) 285-0624
Nash Executive Search is a retained executive search firm specializing in serving privately-held, mid-market companies. With particular expertise serving founder/family-owned enterprises, Rebecca has placed dozens of senior leaders in strategic roles in Minneapolis-St. Paul and the Upper Midwest, and has a track record of finding a leader who can drive results while honoring the family legacy.

Kathleen Pytleski
Sekstant LLC
(612) 889-2994
Having the appropriate business strategy for your family business can greatly enhance the relationship among family members; it helps in setting expectations and creating accountability. Sekstant provides management consulting services to help family businesses define their future through outcomes-based business planning and to integrate that strategy into daily operations to achieve strategic success.

Joe Reardon
Versique Executive Search
(952) 767-7025
Versique is retained by Owners, CEOs, BoD’s, and top-tier investment groups to fill critically important senior leadership roles. Success is driven by our search process which focuses on understanding an organizations culture and aligning personality profiles best positioned for success. Joe has more than 15 years of executive search experience and previously spent nearly 20 years in industry leadership positions, such as CFO.

Lee Skaalrud
Predictive Search
(651) 587-0236
Predictive Search combines leading edge analytics and contemporary recruiting techniques to help your business discover and acquire talent like no other. We focus on privately held, family businesses and offer fractional talent acquisition leadership to help our clients improve recruiting results across the board.