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Making Health Care Connections

The Health Care MBA program begins with a group of strangers on the first day: all 30 or so sitting in a classroom, a little nervous about what's ahead for the next 21 months. Fast-forward nearly two years later, and they're graduating with connections that go well beyond a degree.

The student cohorts at St. Thomas are historically very diverse, and for good reason. “Everyone shares success but also failures within their professions,” said RN and business owner Krista Bernander ’18. “Openly sharing and trusting each other was where I learned the most.”

Andy Kelly ’18 of UnitedHealth Group and one of the youngest students in his cohort, agreed.

“My cohort represented almost every single large system or hospital in the greater Twin Cities," he said. "I talked to people on a daily basis who opened my eyes to look at problems differently.”

Students come from all over the health care system, including nurses, physicians, pharmacists, dentists, health care strategists, call center managers, physical therapists, and chief medical officers.

“My cohort helped create lasting relationships across the Twin Cities in almost every health care company you can ask for,” said Kelly. “I’m so grateful for that.”