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Opus faculty Patricia Hedberg shares her insights with Twin Cities Business podcast host Allison Kaplan

Leading a Business Through Turmoil

By Patricia Hedberg, associate dean of graduate programs

How do you prepare yourself to step into a challenging leadership role? The first step is to think strategically. Take the time to step up and think about your role, the business model, and how you can implement changes. 

Being transparent and listening to people shows them you’re human. When you lead through turmoil, practice self-care to be your best self for others. Not everything may work out as you hope. Failure is a beautiful moment for learning. The idea is that by taking risks, you learn a lot about yourself and how to do it better the next time.

Leading through turmoil can be challenging. CEO and leader Claire Powell resuscitated J.W. Hulme, a century-old leather goods brand based in St. Paul. She understood the risks and the possibility of failure in turning the company around. 

Interested in hearing Claire's story on being an effective leader during business turmoil? Check out the full episode on the “By All Means” podcast with host Allison Kaplan.