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Revolutionizing the Future of Health Care

Are you looking for new strategies to innovate solutions and lead change within a health care organization? The St. Thomas Masters in Health Care Innovation is a one-year program that allows more people to enter the booming health care industry in Minnesota. Here’s the top reasons why to consider it.

Quick and Accessible for Professionals

The program offers an opportunity for people with less health care experience to enter the industry and to provide a quicker, less time-consuming program than the current two-year-long Health Care MBA.

“This, we hope, will provide an avenue for people with less than five years of health care experience to (advance in) healthcare,” said Kate DiAna, director of the HIC program.

Innovation Disruption in Health Care

“Health care is being disrupted by innovation in a huge sense right across the country, and so the skills of innovation are becoming increasingly critical to get a job in health care.” said John McVea, faculty director for the HCI program.

Growing Health Care Sector in Minnesota

The health care industry is innovating so quickly that it’ll be virtually unrecognizable in the next ten years. That’s why it’s important for people to be part of the change.

“Minnesota is one of the largest sectors in Minnesota,” said McVea. “We have one of the premier clusters of health care businesses in the world. It’s a sector that’s growing four times faster than any other sector within our economy.”

In her Health Care MBA program, Katrina Anderson, ’17 collaborated with classmates across the health care industry. “We heard each other's perspectives on innovation at companies like Fairview and Allina. Specifically, how were they solving problems in their environment?”