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Students abroad ride horses through a Costa Rican town.

Broaden Your Worldview


Gain a Whole New Perspective

Globalization is increasing, and so is the need for professionals who understand how business is done in key markets around the world. A study abroad program is a great opportunity to enrich your global business and cultural knowledge, forge exciting new connections, and gain an international edge.

Spend a J-term, semester or year studying abroad—not as a visitor, but as a student and resident. Continue earning credits toward your degree while gaining deep, first-hand knowledge of a different country and culture.

St. Thomas offers a wide variety of study abroad experiences. We can help you choose the program that best fits your major and your goals.

Students look out over the streets of London. 

London Business Semester

Named No. 23 out of 50 of the best study abroad programs across the nation, it’s no wonder that the St. Thomas London Business Semester (LBS) has been running for over 20 years. Build your network and become part of the legacy – over 1,000 LBS alumni strong. Combine theory with practice as you make London your living classroom. Site visits, excursions and weekend travel complement the topics covered in each course.

Learn more about eligibility, program dates and courses offered:

London Business Semester details

Featured Study Abroad Programs

Shanghai Business Semester

Study contemporary international business issues and the role of the world’s second largest economy. Gain professional experience while interning at a multinational corporation, Chinese company, or international nonprofit.

Social Entrepreneurship in Mumbai

Travel to Mumbai to work alongside social entrepreneurs and organizations seeking to develop innovative solutions and sustainable business models to address social issues.

International Marketing: Emerging Marketing in Argentina and Brazil

Witness first-hand the complexities of marketing in emerging markets through tours of facilities, dialogues with key decision makers, and interaction with employees and stakeholders of these businesses.