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A student inputs numerical values on an excel spreadsheet. 

Building a Foundation for Success

A Marketing Specialist at Land O’Lakes, Kelly Corbo was interested in moving into a web analytics role. “I was looking for a base level analytics program that I could apply right away.”  

The Business Analytics and Data Visualization program at St. Thomas helped with her career transition. The three-day program addresses the key elements of the business analytics process using heat maps, pie charts and text. Case studies are woven in to apply concepts to actual business problems, empowering students to effectively tell their story using data.

Due to the program's class size, Corbo felt comfortable asking her peers and instructors questions, giving her confidence to learn how to present data in a meaningful way:

"I now first ask myself, 'what story do I want to tell?' before sharing my story. I no longer create lengthy PowerPoints that may be unclear to my audience."

Not only has this program benefited her professionally, but Corbo has shared her new knowledge with other teams across her organization. She can take a look at their data and help them get key points across -- a valuable skill in any role.