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Become an Effective Leader

Executive Education Leadership and Management Programs

Develop Savvy Leadership and Management Skills

Leaders can be found at all ages, experience levels and job titles. Cultivate your ability to lead with a Leadership and Management Executive Education program at St. Thomas.

We offer an interdisciplinary approach to learning with an emphasis on the interpersonal and intrapersonal skills needed for effective leadership. Learn how to be a more productive manager, develop your critical thinking abilities, navigate through change and challenges, gain confidence in your decision making and learn how to make a greater impact on your organization from our Leadership & Management programs.


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Moral Leadership

By combining the latest research in neuroscience, emotional intelligence and leadership, hear how you can develop into your best self. In this Online Learning Series, learn the tools to create a roadmap to greater self-awareness with the foundation of skillful decision-making, and the key to consistent goal attainment, authentic leadership and engaged teams.
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The Value of Saying No

In today’s rapidly changing world, how do you prioritize tasks that truly matter? By focusing on high-value tasks and learning to say no to low-value tasks, you can be a more productive and highly valued member of your organization. Learn in this Online Learning Series how to develop the right approach to saying no in your organization.
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Benefits of Mindfulness

Credible, meaningful research has illuminated the benefits of contemplative knowledge and skills, also known as Mindfulness. Developing awareness in the present, without judgment promotes resilience, empowerment and agency. The good news is you have this ability within you now! In this Online Learning Series, explore relevant concepts and simple yet powerful activities.
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