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Team & Talent Development

Engage Employees and Develop Their Talents

Engaging and developing professionals is the foundation for your organization’s success. But in today’s environment, you face increasing pressure to do more with fewer resources. Turn to St. Thomas Executive and Professional Education to expand your employee development resources and ensure organizational success.

St. Thomas Executive and Professional Education has customized and open enrollment talent management solutions and other unique opportunities to enhance talent development. Think of St. Thomas as a strategic partner to augment your internal resources.

By working closely with your organization, we discover and define your challenges and opportunities. We use that information to create unique experiences and provide access to learning that yield remarkable outcomes. Our content originates from leading edge research and translates to pragmatic learning experiences that you can immediately apply in your organization.


Andrew Claude

Director of Business Development
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“We saw right away with the folks at St. Thomas that they were willing to help us imagine what the program should be. It started with a lot of conversation around what our objectives were. St. Thomas took the time to learn about who we are, what’s important to us, what our values are, and what we’re really trying to accomplish with this program. That willingness to help us imagine what was best for us was really a differentiator with St. Thomas.”

Paul Grunau, Chief Learning Officer, API Group Inc.

Complete Talent Management Support

Work with St. Thomas through every step of the talent management process to increase employee engagement, organizational alignment and product innovation.

Executive and Professional Education for Individuals: Send individuals through any of our 30+ Executive Education programs to dive deep into specialized topics, improve business acumen or enhance leadership ability.

Customized Team Solutions: Work with us to build a program to keep your team moving in the right direction – whether it is leading through change, beefing up on negotiation skills or getting more aligned with your customers through design thinking, we can help.

Personalized Executive and Professional Education Programs: Give your team a boost to continue moving forward. We can infuse an existing Executive Education program with your company’s examples and processes. From diving deep into specialized topics, working on a collective business acumen to building leadership skills, we can help personalize 30+ programs from our list of offerings.

Personalized Executive and Professional Education Programs: Get your team started on the right foot by learning together in a modified program from our Executive Education offering. We will personalize the program using your company’s examples and processes. In class, your new team members can build an understanding of each other’s competencies, develop a strong team culture and figure out how to best work together.

Customized Team Solutions: Consider our team an extension of yours. We’ll work with you to build a program to meet the specific needs of your team.

St. Thomas Executive Program (STEP): Use STEP to build talent from within. This 9-day, 3-module program is designed for high-potential, mid-career leaders.

Customized Solutions:We’ve built leadership programs for organizations planning for succession and can help you, too. From identifying the right talent for the next stage of the organization to helping current leaders pass along the responsibility, we can work with you every step of the way.

Customized Solutions: Looking for help organization-wide? From working across division boundaries to creating a common language, we can walk with you on this journey to strengthen your whole organization.

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