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Darin Sullwold

Clinical Faculty

Darin Sullwold is a clinical faculty professor in the Department of Operations and Supply Chain Management. He joined the department in 2021 after 4 years as adjunct faculty at St. Thomas. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Analytics from Indiana University and an undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Minnesota Duluth. Darin also is a Six Sigma blackbelt and Lean Master.

Previous to St. Thomas, he held positions in industry at Seagate Technology, ADC telecommunications and The Bergquist Company. He has also consulted with several companies using six sigma and data analytics to solve business problems and set strategic vision. It was in this environment where he learned the importance of data and data driven decision making. He strives to bring this experience and knowledge into the classroom to best help students prepare for the challenges they will face in their careers. Darin interjects real world examples into his teaching and finds ways to connect the theory of class with the realities of business to challenge students to output the best solutions. It is his belief that this confluence of theory and practical application is what truly drives innovation in the business world. Watching students embrace this teaching and apply it to their classwork and final projects is very rewarding.