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Faculty participates in research discussion to share work with one another.

Faculty and Industry Pros Teach Together

Prof + Prof

Prof + Prof stands for Professional + Professor, a pairing that gives students a well-rounded, real-world learning experience.

Learn at the Intersection of Theory and Practice

A portion of our courses are taught by Prof + Prof—an experienced professor plus an experienced business leader. This team co-delivers the learning experience, giving you a balance of theory and practical application. Gain a solid foundation in business principles and learn how to apply these principles to real-world challenges. This innovative teaching approach is unique to St. Thomas, and is designed to prepare you to apply classroom concepts at work. Small classes capped at 35 students ensure you receive plenty of personalized attention from both Profs.
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Carleen Kerttula, associate dean for program innovation, talks about what the program Prof + Prof is.

Carleen Kerttula Discusses the Meaning of Prof+Prof (Professional Plus Professor)

What Prof + Prof Students are Saying

“The professional would come in with additional questions or comments that really made us think about the facts of the case, and how we would react in the situation. His ability to give it gravity by saying "here's how it would really play out" was unique and thought-provoking.”
“Things move so quickly in business. While our professors do their best to stay on top of everything, the professional is working every day in the trenches and can provide real-time examples. Not just case studies or articles of past examples.”
"Many professors like to come in with their perfect plans and key points to make and execute class perfectly. Not. Real. Life. The curve balls and sideways conversations added by the professionals are excellent.”