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Family Business Breakfast Series

Bridging Family and Business Decisions

Strategic planning in a family business requires a strategy for the family and a strategy for the business. The challenge is finding success for both at the same time. Through this virtual event, we will explore how families can align themselves with a set of engaged family members and how to plan for the family and business in parallel. 

Key takeaways:

  • Family Alignmentand why it is so important to business families, including how it is related to family engagement.
  • Family Meetings, including a family assembly or a family council, and how to get started with them.
  • TheParallel Planning Process; and the importance of having a strategic plan for the family as well as the business.

Our speaker is renowned Canadian Family Business Enterprise Advisor Steve Legler. This program will be held online via Zoom in partnership with the University of St. Thomas and Wisconsin Family Business Center.

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Event Details
Friday, Jan. 21
7:30-8 a.m.: Small Group Discussions
8-10 a.m.: Program

Virtual on Zoom