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Four individuals stand in a textile workshop with their arms crossed.

Family Business Breakfast Series

Good Governance is Good Practice

When family businesses are formed, the entrepreneur typically controls the business, ownership and family involvement. As that family involvement grows, so do the number of issues family businesses need to tackle.

In this Breakfast Series event, we’ll take a dive into the Three-Circle Model that organizes family business into the distinct sections of family, ownership, and business (management), and the important overlapping systems among them. Members must understand how decisions are made in each system, and how communication happens across them. This is governance in a family enterprise, and it’s critical to understand, implement, and maintain in order to create your desired long-term outcomes.

At this panel discussion, we’ll learn from the experiences of Bill Hickey, of Smythe Companies and David Hartwell, an active board member. The event will be moderated by Larry Hause of Hause Family Business Transitions.