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Family Business Breakfast Series

Identifying Business Opportunities

Generational success in family businesses often points to the entrepreneurial spirit of the being alive and well. Companies must find new ways of doing business, or new businesses altogether, to survive in an ever-changing economy.

This panel discussion brings three family businesses from very different industries, who’ve grown their companies by looking for new opportunities and evolving. Attendees will learn what leads family businesses to new markets, what to look for, and how to spot good opportunities. We’ll talk about how family roles can shift as the company grows, cross-generational issues families may face when looking for new business opportunities, and take a dive into lessons learned when looking for new ways to grow.


  • Allison Gettings, Red Wing Shoes
  • Charlie Michel, Decko Products
  • James Loffler, Loffler Companies


  • Dr. David Deeds, Schulze Endowed Chair of Entrepreneurship, University of St. Thomas

Note to advisors: This event is only open to members of family businesses. Please forward to any clients it may help.