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Group of event attendees sit for a program

Family Business Breakfast: Managing Difficult Conversations

Family business dynamics can lead to many difficult conversations, be them with owners, family, employees, and others involved with the business or family. We all believe we’re doing the best we can, but are we believing the same about others? Why do we have difficult conversations and what can we do about them?

Our December breakfast dives into difficult conversations: what they are and how avoiding them can get in the way of running our family businesses effectively. We’ll discuss how they diminish trust and engagement in the company, decrease creativity and innovation, decrease clarity of values and increase problematic behavior. Topics around why we avoid difficult conversations include being “nice and polite,” the fear of looking bad or making someone else look bad, gossip, being afraid of vulnerability and more.

Our December breakfast will be led by Heidi Waldoch, MA, LMFT, CDWF. She was raised in a family business, and currently has a family business with her husband. She is a St. Thomas graduate, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy and Certified Daring Way Facilitator. Heidi will share her personal story with navigating a shift in culture at her business with many difficult conversations that went horribly wrong and ones that went well.

Families at this event will learn how to identify their personal impact on difficult conversations, how they can improve, how to shift trust once it’s lost, and more. Event attendees will leave with more courage to overcome setbacks, know how to bring more innovation to your family business and move past blame to empower others.

Note to advisors: This event is only open to members of family businesses. Please forward to any clients it may help.