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Family Business Breakfast:

Rediscovering Your Family's Entrepreneurial Roots

Generational success in family businesses often points to the entrepreneurial spirit of the family the being alive and well. Now more than ever, companies must find new ways of doing business, or new businesses altogether, to survive in an ever-changing economy.

This panel discussion brings together family businesses who have gone back to their entrepreneurial roots to grow through a new idea related to their core business. Our panelists, Ally Delgado of Merchology and Zusa, and Danny Mishek of VistaTek and SelfEco, will share how they found success, and hurdles they overcame, while using careful planning and execution to launch new concepts for their families' businesses. Moderating the event is Dr. David Deeds, the Schulze Chair in Entrepreneurship at St. Thomas who teaches the undergraduate Family Business course, and has written and taught extensively on entrepreneurship in family business.

Attendees will take a family enterprise entrepreneurship assessment, to better understand how it can unlock its own innovation potential. They'll also learn what leads family businesses to launch new ideas, processes to bring the idea to fruition and how to launch to the public.


  • Ally Delgado, CEO & Cofounder, Merchology
  • Danny Mishek, President, VistaTek
  • David Deeds, Schulze Endowed Chair in Entrepreneurship, University of St. Thomas (moderator)