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Family of four posing for photo at a workplace.

Family Business Breakfast:

(re)Building Company Culture

Family businesses are known for creating positive cultures, especially when compared to their non-family counterparts. Family businesses center their operations on long-held values and continuous care for employees. They create a culture of commitment and purpose; they invest in their people and often try to avoid layoffs in hard times. This purposeful creation and commitment to a positive culture produces an environment where employees are better engaged and stay with the company longer.

In this Breakfast Series event, we’ll look deeper at culture, at a time when many businesses are trying to figure out what their employee-employer relationship will look like in the months ahead.

We have a great panel discussion set up, with three panelists who’ve approached building culture differently. Darin Lynch of Irish Titan will share his culture journey as the sole owner of his business, and will be joined by Paula Gamer of Gamer Packaging and Jim Ginther of U.S. Compliance sharing how they’ve instituted their cultures at their family businesses. Together we’ll learn how these companies built their cultures, how they use them in everyday business, and understand how they’re thinking about the transition back to work and marrying it with desired culture.


  • Darin Lynch, Irish Titan
  • Paula Gamer, Gamer Packaging
  • Jim Ginther, U.S. Compliance

Note to advisors: This event is only open to members of family businesses. Please forward to any clients it may help.