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Dr Kim Eddleston

Family Business Breakfast:

Generational Conversations: What's Said and Not Said

"How do you see my future at the company in ten years?"

"How do we hand off control while still being financially viable?"

"How do we build a partnership of equals given that our relationship didn't start that way?"

These thought-provoking, tough questions come from family businesses in our center, offering just a glimpse into the foundation of our next event, “Generational Conversations: What’s Said and Not Said.” At this final Breakfast of the season, Dr. Kim Eddleston, Schulze Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship from Northeastern University, will guide attendees through the barriers to intergenerational dialogue and provide strategies for overcoming them.

With participants grouped by generation, Kim will then lead us in guided conversations among peers, addressing submitted questions and getting advice from both older and younger generations addressing some often-taboo topics.

This event marries the expertise of a global-leader in family business education, with peer-to-peer discussions, and sharing best practices from families who have navigated delicate subjects. A wonderful way to end an outstanding season, and have families leave with a clearer path to important discussions.

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Event Details
Thursday, May 9
7:30-8 a.m.: Breakfast & Networking
8-9:30 a.m.: Program

University of St. Thomas
St. Paul Campus
Woulfe Alumni Hall - Anderson Student Center
2115 Summit Ave.