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Family Business Breakfast:

Understanding Self & Others

“The biggest pain point in our family business is:”

It’s a line you find on each of our event surveys, and year after year the most common answers relate to employees: employee engagement, managing employees, hiring employees, retaining employees. We hear it frequently enough that we’re doing two Family Business Breakfasts on the topic.

This first session will help you understand your own and others’ communication preferences. We’ll learn what motivates and stands in the way of our connections, and how to connect the right way.

With some pre-event “homework,” our presenter, Dr. Jean Davidson, will guide us through the Insights Discovery principles to help us identify how we best like others to engage with us. We will then take that a step further to learn how we best engage with the preferred styles of our employees. This event lays the foundation for our May event, Employee Engagement Done Right. The event homework will be sent a couple weeks ahead of the event.

Dr. Davidson is a coach and consultant who spent the last 30 years working with change and transition on both an organizational and personal level. She founded Davidson Consulting and Coaching in 2004, after spending 10 years in corporate training and consulting roles. Her doctoral research was on leadership transitions and she focuses on helping individuals, teams and organizations find their way through messy, ambiguous, challenging times.

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Event Details
Thursday, April 6
7:30-9:30 a.m.

University of St. Thomas
St. Paul Campus
Woulfe Alumni Hall - Anderson Student Center
2115 Summit Ave.