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A Purpose-Driven Coach

Jennifer Chenoweth has made her career about helping others. As a professional LinkedIn coach and speaker, she’s written over 3,000 profiles, launched dozens of business pages, and helped thousands of people articulate their personal brands.

Carving her niche of expertise among Minnesota’s Fortune 500 companies, Jennifer pushes through the noise to help others confidently navigate their futures. Using LinkedIn as a proactive — not reactive — tool, she's helped over 3,000 people get clear on their goals.

Jennifer has never shied away from the role of helper. Working in Human Resources at Target Corporation, she helps employees soar with their strengths and achieve their goals. Mentoring and helping others is part of the DNA at Target and a part of hers too.

Jennifer created and launched The LinkedIn Gal in 2014 when she saw an opportunity to help people tell their stories. Breaking the myth that LinkedIn is only for job seekers, she coaches professionals in all stages of careers. She also works closely with companies, offering services like workshops, profile consulting, and a live-coaching program for employees.

I believe each person has a unique purpose. I help you articulate yours so that you can achieve your goals and confidently navigate your future.

Although her business hadn't taken root yet, Jennifer's education at Opus College planted the seed for possibility. Professors brought real-life working experience and professional community connections to the classroom. She used principles from an entrepreneurship course to later craft her company’s unique value proposition. Opus networks led to career opportunities at Target, and friends from the MBA program continue to be some of her biggest supporters.

Jennifer’s greatest good is being a conduit between people and opportunity, and her work is an expression of living out her purpose. Whether it’s her first (or thousandth) client she’s helped, witnessing the joy on their faces when they speak their truth is magic every time.

Jennifer Chenoweth

Jennifer Chenoweth

  • Founder of The LinkedIn Gal
  • Lead Consultant at Target
  • '07 MBA