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Unlocking the Giant within

Big Thinking. Giant Impact.

We help unlock the giant and powerful talent with each student through rigorous coursework, hands-on learning and, one-on-one mentoring. Meet a few Opus graduates who are making a huge impact in the world.
headshot of Jennifer Chenoweth

Jennifer Chenoweth

Brand coach, storyteller, educator

Jennifer Chenoweth is breaking the myth that LinkedIn is only for job seekers. Since launching The LinkedIn Gal in 2014, she's helped thousands of people in all stages of their careers get clear on their goals.

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headshot of Dexter Davis

Dexter Davis

HR leader, mentor, community builder

Chief Diversity Officer Dexter Davis leads courageous conversations about diversity and inclusion at Securian Financial. In the wake of the George Floyd killing, he invited employees to a company listening session about race, diversity, and justice.

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headshot of Ahmed El Shourbagy

Ahmed El Shourbagy

Entrepreneur, influencer, trailblazer

Ahmed El Shourbagy of Dogs of Instagram and Lucy & Co, a retail brand for canine apparel, helps humans (and pups) in need. During the pandemic, his team created masks to raise money for local nonprofit East Side Neighborhood Services.

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headshot of Sean Higgins

Sean Higgins

Entrepreneur, Behavioral Designer, Motivator

Entrepreneur Sean Higgins is harnessing tech for good. His newest venture BetterYou tames smartphone use and encourages better digital decisions. So far it's helped thousands of people focus on their health and wellness.

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headshot of Pahoua Yang Hoffman

Pahoua Yang Hoffman

Relationship-builder, nonprofit leader

SVP of Community Impact Pahoua Yang Hoffman is driving change at the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation. A co-founder of the Minnesota Capitol Pathways program, she's opened doors for nearly 170 students of color to have real-world Capitol experience.

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headshot of Abbie Miller

Abbie Miller

Health care leader, problem-solver

As Chief Medical Officer and SVP of Preferred One Insurance, Abbie Miller is doing her part to put patients first. She's bringing relief to COVID-19 patients by increasing their medical coverage while also providing care at a metro hospital.

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Headshot of Meghann Minton

Meghann Minton

Finance leader, impact-maker

In leadership roles at UnitedHealth Care, Meghann Minton has helped implement efficiency initiatives that's reduced millions of dollars in operational costs, making health care more affordable for everyone.

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headshot for Trent Pearson

Trent Pearson

Strategist, competitor, collaborator

General Mills sourcing manager Trent Pearson is a force for good in the food business. He introduced sustainable, eco-friendly packaging into a new yogurt line that was recognized as a "Breakthrough Innovation" by the Nielson Report in 2019.
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headshot of Craig Pladson

Craig Pladson

Visionary, educator, entrepreneur

From launching a business to teaching a digital strategy course, Craig Pladson always finds ways to help others. His company - Craig Pladson Consulting Group - helps individuals or teams looking to level up their digital marketing capabilities.

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headshot of Leslie Redmond

Leslie Redmond

Activator, civil rights advocate, equity expert

Leslie Redmond is a powerhouse for justice. From serving as the youngest Minneapolis NAACP president to founding Don't Complain Activate, she's using her voice to inspire and activate the leader in all of us.

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headshot of Khaled Samaha

Khaled Samaha

Corporate strategist, DEI trainer

Senior vendor manager and Certified D&I Trainer Khaled Samaha is building a more inclusive work culture at Amazon. He's doing equally impactful work at his consulting company, Authenticity through Culture, Diversity & Inclusion (ACDI).

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headshot of CJ Thompson

CJ Thompson

Mentor, servant leader, people-champion

CJ (Christine) Thompson of Prime Therapeutics is a mentor to emerging women leaders in business. In her community, she's an active member of a local grassroots anti-racism group to upend systemic racism.

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