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Schulze Innovation Scholars

Meet Our Schulze Innovation Scholars

The Schulze Innovation Scholarship Program at the University of St. Thomas is a four-year full-tuition scholarship and premier academic program.
headshot of Maria Bell

Maria Bell

Igniting change as an intrapreneur

Maria plans to apply her entrepreneurial problem-solving skills as an actuary in the corporate environment.
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headshot of Ben Frey

Ben Frey

Combining science and business

Ben is turning his passions into a career - bridging his Computer Science and Physics studies with entrepreneurship.
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headshot of Chihiro Gustafson

Chihiro Gustafson

Harnessing Tommie networks

Chihiro successfully launched his own bike business with the support and guidance of the entrepreneurship community.
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headshot of Amy Helgeson

Amy Helgeson

Heart of a social entrepreneur

Determined to make a difference, Amy focuses her entrepreneurial pursuits on improving the quality of life for others.

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headshot of Katie McDonald

Katie McDonald

Advocate for inclusivity in fashion

Katie's idea to make the fashion industry more equitable led her to a global pitch competition for social entrepreneurs.

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headshot of Xander Smaby

Xander Smaby

Opening doors for opportunities

Xander landed his dream job as a business analyst intern at McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm.
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