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Student presents business idea during Business Plan Competition

2024 Business Plan Competition Finalists

Congratulations to the finalists of the 2024 St. Thomas Business Plan Competition!

Alumni who graduated within the past five years were invited to compete in addition to St. Thomas undergraduate and graduate students. Students submitting to the competition represented 23 majors and came from the graduate and undergraduate student bodies.

The top five teams in each track were selected in round one to advance to the finals held Friday, March 1. There they presented to a new set of judges. The winning teams in the undergraduate student and graduate student /recent alumni tracks took home the top prize of a $10,000!

Finals Competition & Awards Ceremony
March 1, 2024

Schulze Hall Auditorium

Meet the Finalists


CafeTemp Control Stick - Dhruv Bhinde ’27 (Entrepreneurship); Liam Honl ’27 (Entrepreneurship)

Introducing the CaféTemp Control Stick, the game-changer for every coffee enthusiast! This sleek, portable stick, designed by CaféTech Innovations, allows you to heat or cool your coffee with a simple twist. Powered by an innovative thermoheatium core, it ensures your coffee is always at the perfect temperature, eliminating the need for reheating or waiting for it to cool.

Open Door Code - Maria Johnson ’24 (Entrepreneurship)

Open Door Code is an introductory coding tool that empowers young creators by making learning fun, interactive, and accessible. By bringing the world of coding from the screen to their hands, Open Door Code gives middle school students a tactile alternative to traditional beginner coding software.

SafeNetAI - Melissa Rajamanuvel ’25 (Data Analytics)

SafeNetAI is a cybersecurity startup that offers an AI-powered Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. The company’s innovative approach predicts and prevents cyberattacks based on user behavior, providing a more secure and personalized internet experience for small startup businesses and individual users.

Soul Shoes - Noah MacDonald ’26 (Financial Management & Economics); Natalie Larson ’26 (Financial Management & Economics)

Soul Shoes, our forward-thinking startup in the footwear industry, introduces a revolutionary business concept. We propose to diversify the shoe market by pioneering a unique innovation, introducing interchangeable soles and upper parts crafted from recycled materials that serves the purpose of increasing longevity and creating a design appeal that would attract our target audience.

Waste Compo - Beamlak Petros ’26 (Entrepreneurship)

What sets our project apart as truly unique is its pioneering approach to large-scale waste collection in Ethiopia, breaking away from traditional perceptions about waste collection jobs. This innovative initiative offers a dual benefit that goes beyond waste reduction – it actively addresses the pressing issues of hunger and the shortage of fertilizer.


Blunestconnect -Israel Tolu (Executive MBA ’24)

At Blunestconnect, we address the critical issue of the growing digital divide among seniors, who are at increased risk of social isolation and tech scams. We provide specialized tech support and educational services tailored for older adults, helping them safely and confidently use technology. Our mission is to empower seniors to stay connected and protected in the digital age, ensuring they have the necessary skills and support to thrive in a tech-centric world.

GrupCard - Abenezer Ayana ’21 (Computer Science)

GrupCard is a fintech platform that allows users to issue shared virtual cards that make group payments frictionless, flexible, and rewarding.

Safe6: Cystic Fibrosis App & Smart Tag - Bethaney Kaye, Kerry Brockman, Ky McCracken, Crystal Brown, Nicole Giordano (Healthcare MBA ’25)

Introducing Safe6: A unique social distancing app that transforms safety, well-being, and community support for individuals living with Cystic Fibrosis (CF). In the CF community adhering to the gold standard of care means keeping a 6-feet distance between individuals living with CF. Leveraging cutting-edge geolocation technology, Safe6 notifies a person living with CF when they come into high-risk proximity with others living with CF.

ShadowHealth - Austin Murr ’21 (English)

ShadowHealth makes it easy to explore healthcare careers by connecting you with practicing clinicians to shadow.

Tarps Off Jersey Rental - Noah Beer ’20 (Computer Science)

Tarps Off Jersey Rental offers single-game jersey rental services tailored for fans attending Minnesota Wild hockey games.