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Becoming Health Care Innovators

The health care field continues to grow and evolve. At St. Thomas, students earn the skills necessary to become innovators in our Master of Science in Health Care Innovation program. 

“Health care is a growing field, especially in the Twin Cities,” said program director Kate DiAna.“People want to be in health care. The MS in Health Care Innovation allows an entry into the health care field.”

The specialty program gives people something to take and use in their organization right away. It emphasizes customer experience, innovation and lean execution. Students are armed with a core set of business skills and strong focus on health care systems and new models of care delivery.

The program also supports professionals from outside the industry interested in switching careers. Students refocus their skills on health care challenges while gaining significant contextual knowledge for this new sector.

“The Master of Science in Health Care Innovation is giving people the opportunity to be creative in health care.” DiAna said. “Health care is changing a lot. They’re looking for people who can bring in new ideas to all different pieces of the health care system. Our program is about teaching people to think in a different way and to come up with creative solutions.”