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Drive results in your organization with tools to manage into the future

Health Care Management Principles

In Health Care Management Principles, you’ll dive into the business side of the health care industry. Gain a stronger understanding of how the various players interconnect, how money moves through the system and how to use this holistic understanding to drive innovation and continuous improvement throughout the system. Leave with a better understanding of how to:

  • Create strategy in a complex and changing industry
  • Make sound decisions regarding efficient, high quality operations and improved financial performance
  • Lead teams through challenges and changes
  • Innovate with the future direction of the health care industry in mind
  • Utilize technology and data to better care for your patients and customers
  • Lead your team and organization into the future
  • Advance your health care career

Small class sizes foster a collaborative learning environment and help you build your network of other health care leaders. Online elective options enhance your learning and help you to customize your experience. Sessions are held on our downtown Minneapolis campus and parking is available within one block.

Have Questions?

Contact Sandy Bauer, senior program manager. She can help you determine if this program is the right fit for you and answer any questions you have.


Sandy Bauer

Senior Program Manager, Health Care Programs Liaison
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Is This Program Right For You?

Managing for the Future of Health Care is for you if you are looking to advance in the health care industry or increase your effectiveness working in the health care space.

This program would be a good fit if you want to:
  • Gain an edge by understanding key business concepts
  • Increase your understanding of the business of health care
  • Move into or advance in management or supervisory roles in health care
  • Work and consult with health care organizations more effectively
  • Drive change and innovation in the health care industry
  • Lead your team more effectively by navigating in the U.S. health care system and become aware of new ideas and changes around the corner

This program will be beneficial if you currently work in health care or do business with the health care industry. Common titles include managers and directors in the clinical, insurance, medical device, technology and pharmaceutical industries.

Benefits of This Program

Understand the business of health care.

Incorporate core business topics such as strategy, leadership, operations, financials and analytics into your toolkit.

Uncover the connections within the health care ecosystem.

It’s a complex industry. Hear from experienced health care professionals about how various stakeholders connect and interact with each other throughout the value chain.

Innovate for the Future.

Learn how to strategize, plan and operate for upcoming changes in the industry – and what you can do today to succeed in the future.

Hands-On Application

Apply what you learn in a safe environment with expert guidance so you can tackle the real challenges when you return to work.

Feel Confident Making Big Decisions.

Be prepared to make the right decisions by understanding essential business concepts with a health care lens.

Build a New Network of Professional Peers.

Meet others interested in the business of health care who you can rely on for support and advice long after the program ends.


What’s happening in the health care landscape? Hear what trends and changes are expected in the industry. Use this knowledge and a strategic planning methodology to go from big picture strategy to execution.

Practical understanding of how health care organizations manage their financials is key. In this session, learn how money moves around within the industry involving providers, payers and suppliers. Be able to read financial statements and ask the right questions.

Operational excellence can prevent problems within the health care industry. Understand why consistency is a best practice from patient experience to clinic procedures to billing processes. Hear why applying best practices consistently is both an art and a science.

Building a strong approach to change management is key to a healthy organization. Learn how you can develop your leadership skills to effectively guide your organization through challenges and achieve success while staying true to your mission.

Don’t be satisfied with the status quo – make your health care practices better than the rest. Discover why it’s time to start thinking about innovation in both big and small organizations. If you aren’t, your competitors will.

Emerging technology is all around us. Learn how to harness the new approaches and innovation – from fitness apps to telemedicine. Additionally, learn how to leverage big data to make improvements in the patient experience.

Choose online elective courses lasting roughly 30-45 minutes each, allowing you to customize your learning. You can complete as many as you like but must complete a minimum of two before your program is over. A sample of potential electives include:

  • Navigating the U.S. Health Care System
  • Law and Regulation
  • Health Policy
  • Agile Project Management
  • Population Health and the Social Determinants

Dan McLaughlin
Program Instructor
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What's on the horizon for health care?

Health Care is an ever-changing industry. With technological advances, data privacy laws and rising costs, the changes are constant and rapid. In this Online Learning Series, hear where program instructor Dan McLaughlin thinks health care is headed and what you can do to prepare for changes that haven’t happened yet.  
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