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A quick dose of learning to start the day

Online Learning Series

At St. Thomas Executive Education, we aim to provide real-world learning that you can apply immediately. Step out of your day-to-day for a quick infusion of information to start your morning. 

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The series is offered throughout the year so you can join as many as you'd like. All you need is a computer, phone, or tablet with an internet connection. RSVP with your email address and we will send you the details on how to join each session.  

Time: 8-9 a.m. CST
Location: Online
Price: Free

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The Benefits of Mindfulness Practice with Karen Kozen-Lien

May 28

Credible, meaningful research has illuminated the benefits of contemplative knowledge and skills, also known as Mindfulness. Developing awareness in the present, without judgment promotes resilience, empowerment and agency. The good news is you have this ability within you now! In this session, explore relevant concepts and simple yet powerful activities.
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A Holistic Look at Clutter with Michele Vig

June 3

Our lives are busier than ever before, leaving us burned out and our homes cluttered. Hear Michele Vig share how three core components – physical, time and mental clutter – are intricately linked. Learn more about these areas of clutter, how they might be holding you back from living your most desired life and helpful tips for change. 
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Leading with Emotional & Moral Intelligence with Doug Lennick

June 10

By combining the latest research in neuroscience, emotional intelligence and leadership, hear how you can develop into your best self. Leave with the methodologies and tools to create a roadmap to greater self-awareness with the foundation of skillful decision-making, and the key to consistent goal attainment, authentic leadership and engaged teams.  


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Karen Kozen-Lien

Karen (Car-in) is a member of the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program. For the past 5 years, Karen has served as Adjunct Faculty for the School of Education at the University of St. Thomas, primarily teaching the final graduate research course. Shifting from a leadership career in K-12 Education, she dove into Organization Learning and Development at St. Thomas, earning an Ed.D. in 2010. Her passion is to promote healthy workplaces and she has found Mindfulness practices a fresh-take on age-old wisdom which is empirically evidenced to bring significant benefit individually and collectively.    
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Michele Vig

Michele Vig, an accomplished corporate executive, founded Neat Little Nest to follow her passion. She enjoys helping her clients declutter, organize, and build the lives they envision. Michele is certified in the KonMari decluttering method and is a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals. She has been widely featured in the media and has been recognized as one of Minnesota’s top 50 women in business.  
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Doug Lennick

Doug Lennick is CEO and co-founder of think2perform. He is legendary for his innovative approaches to developing high performance in individuals and organizations and is an expert at developing practical applications of the art and science of human behavior, financial and otherwise. 

 Before founding think2perform, Doug was Executive Vice President for American Express Financial Advisors (now Ameriprise Financial). In that capacity he led an organization of 17,000 field and corporate associates to unprecedented success. 

Previous Online Learning Sessions

Miss out on a session? Relive the magic by watching a recording of a previous session.
Managing a project with ever-changing requirements and deadlines can be a nightmare if you aren’t appropriately prepared. A skilled project manager knows using the right methodology can make or break a project. Learn how the Agile project management methodology can help you manage fluid projects effectively and efficiently.

From evaluating the decision-making environment, allocating resources, prioritizing by saying no to say yes and gaining alignment up and down in the organization, effective decision making can be a game-changer to your work. You’ll hear about a few key tools on how to approach your decisions differently

Tap into your creative side using design thinking and learn a new approach to solving problems. During this session, hear how design thinking can transform your mindset to think strategically about your toughest problem.  

Health Care is an ever-changing industry. With technological advances, data privacy laws and rising costs, the changes are constant and rapid. In this session hear where health care is headed and what you can do to prepare for changes that haven’t happened yet.  

In normal times, most leaders have almost an apologetic 'by-the-seat-of-my-pants' approach to leadership and life. Now that office work is virtual, how can you as a leader use this as an opportunity to slow down, pause and begin to assess what is really important and what matters most as a leader?

Leadership is said to be a combination of head, heart and guts.  Turns out the head (brain) has two parts.  Emotions, beliefs, feelings and values and critical thinking.  Knowing how your (and the people you lead) brain works and managing the way it works for you can enhance leadership quality.  Join us for The Leader Brain 101.  Bring both of your brains! 

This session explores the do's and don'ts for marketing during the COVID-19 crisis, drawing from real-world examples. Topics include campaign messaging, visuals and vehicles used across channels. The importance of mission and values to guide storytelling, ways to avoid being perceived as "tone-deaf," and best practices for leading a marketing organization remotely. 

Today’s consumer population consists of different cultures and identities. How do you market to an expansive set of consumers in a way that appeals but does not offend? Learn why multicultural marketing should be an integral part of your communication strategy from the start to best serve your audience.

Negotiations can happen at any moment. Whether you’re buying a car or finalizing a business deal, you need to be ready to effectively negotiate a win. In this hour-long session, learn from a professional negotiator key points to prep you for your next on the spot negotiation.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the weak links in global supply chains. Like the virus, the fallout has been indiscriminate, impacting businesses, large and small. In this session, learn how the current state of supply chains is affecting businesses and the actions needed to guide future global supply chain operations. 

Are you paying attention to the right things in your planning process? The reality of business today is that you must take into consideration dynamics that are presently known along with new technologies that don't even fully exist yet during your planning process. Discover ways to better monitor and evaluate emerging opportunities as we approach the new year. 

Polarities exist all around us. Work-life balance, healthy yet convenient eating, and cost-cutting yet superior service are all examples of polarities. How do you manage the balance without sacrificing on either side? This session will help you navigate the delicate balance of polarities and determine your best action steps.   

In today’s rapidly changing world, how do you prioritize tasks that truly matter? By focusing on high-value tasks and learning to say no to low-value tasks, you can be a more productive and highly valued member of your organization. Learn how to develop the right approach to saying no in your organization.

Change and transition are not the same things - a transition is the psychological, intellectual, behavioral adjustments made based on change. Hear the three keys for moving through a transition with less frustration, more appreciation and more ease. At the end of the session, receive a link to download Dr. Davidson’s book.

Additional St. Thomas Webinar Series

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Business Support During Challenging Times

Hosted by the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship in partnership with the Family Business Center and the Small Business Development Center, the free webinars will be delivered each week and will feature faculty and industry experts discussing the topics affecting your business in uncertain times.
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