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A Powerhouse for Justice

Before becoming a lawyer and getting her MBA degree, Leslie was fighting for justice in her community. In the inner city of Washington, DC., witnessing injustice was a part of her daily routine. Poverty, mass incarceration, education disparities, and gentrification weren't just words in a textbook; they were her reality. She decided to be the change she wanted to see.

To help her community, Leslie needed to equip herself first. At Opus College, she learned about the business of economics, which has enabled her to continue the legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's vision of economic justice for poor people in the country.

Cultivating public speaking skills in the classroom has helped her deliver powerful words of impact. During the George Floyd protest, Leslie's groundbreaking speech gained national attention and shifted the narrative from "looting" to "uprising."

At the age of 26, she became the youngest president of the Minneapolis branch of NAACP. She's also the founder of "Don't Complain, Activate" (DCA), which encourages everyone to get involved in social justice work. A well-known face locally and nationally, she uses her platform to be a voice in the movement.

People are my passion.

Based on the day, Leslie's advocacy for justice looks different. One day she's leading a protest or working on innocence cases – the next she's facilitating meetings as a lead racial justice consultant for some of Minnesota's Fortune 500 and foundations.

Leslie is striving to live in a more just world where every human truly has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. She's stood on the front lines for Jamar Clark, Philando Castile, Justine Damond, and George Floyd in those efforts. She's fought for Black men like Myon Bell, whom she helped free from serving 17 years of a life sentence for a crime he didn't commit.

A powerhouse for justice that's both admirable and courageous, Leslie hopes people realize that we all can be leaders in the community – all we have to do is activate.

Leslie Redmond

Leslie Redmond

  • Founder of Don't Complain, Activate
  • '19 JD/MBA