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A Force for Good in the Food Business

As a former collegiate athlete, Trent Pearson thrives on the thrill of competition. He loves bringing that competitiveness into his work at General Mills to find ways to win and grow business with strategic suppliers.

Working in sourcing makes it hard not to get enamored with significant cost savings projects, but Trent's proudest achievement lies in an unlikely place – glass pots. As a buyer, he partners with suppliers and business teams to bring products to life. In this case, Trent influenced the team to use the glass pot instead of other resin packaging formats for a new yogurt line.

The result was Oui Yogurt by Yoplait, the most successful yogurt launch in the category over the last five years, bringing over $100 million in sales in the first year and being named a 2019 "Breakthrough Innovation" by Nielson Report.

Trent led the commercialization and overall negotiation with the supplier, creating a new supply chain in under six months. Not only did he avoid millions in capital investment, but introduced a sustainable product that's eco-friendly, non-toxic, and chemical-free.

I'm motivated by relationships and seeing my work make an impact.

Sourcing is at the forefront of his company's corporate sustainability initiatives -- and his work is making an impact. Trent's MBA has prepared him to lead strategic commercial negotiations with suppliers to reduce their environmental footprint. Professors at Opus College with real-life work experience helped him grow his career in the area of supply chain management.

Trent also has a passion for recruiting and developing talent. He leads campus recruiting for sourcing at General Mills, sharing his MBA experience with young professionals as they debate going back to school. In his role, Trent strives to ensure that teams have a diverse slate of talent. Group projects at Opus had taught him how critical different viewpoints and experiences are to thriving company cultures.

His Opus connections have helped him build a solid network with many Fortune 500 companies, and he wants to give back. As a business strategist, competitor and collaborator, Trent is prepared to go the extra mile in whatever he does – he's motivated to be a force for good in the food business.

Trent Pearson

Trent Pearson

  • Sourcing Business Manager at General Mills
  • '16 MBA